Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hey Family!

     Thank you all so much for your letters and your packages!  They really helped!  Thanks!  I said in my last email that I am going to write a short letter in pure ASL so that you can see how weird it is and also so that I can practice. 

     (Here is the letter in English)..... 

    Hi everyone,
     I am writing this short letter to say that I think learning pure ASL is the most difficult thing I have ever done!  It is so hard to turn my brain backwards to figure it out!  I do love my teachers.  We have 5 teachers.  Three of our teachers are deaf and they are so funny!  We like the other two teachers as well and even though they are hearing, we have yet to hear one use her voice and have only heard the other one's a couple of times.
    Our class is about four hours a day of complete 100% ASL!  Well, I miss you all and I hope you are having a great Christmas Season!
     -Elder Banner
P.S.  What is new in the real world?

Now for how you would say/sign it in ASL......

Hi all,
     Now happen what I write letter (point) Why?  Because I think learn ASL improve difficult thing most up-to-this-point.  My brain turn-around-backwards hard why?  Learn ASL improve.  But I like my teachers, have five (list) point-to-3 deaf, point-to-two hearing.  Deaf teachers funny all.  Like hearing teachers, hear them speak not.  Happen once, twice, three times what, we heard one hearing teacher talk only.  Nine hours day our class 100% ASL all.  I miss all (point) I hope good Christmas you have. 
     -Elder Banner
Question real world what new question   wiggle (finger)  wiggle (finger)  wiggle (finger)

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  1. Wow that is really amazing Elder Banner! It's like code talking!! Thanks for sharing!!