Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Transfers.....destroying me......

September 11, 2012

Well this is an interesting week to report on! This would be one of those roller coaster weeks!

So last week I reported that we got a new companion, Elder Nelsen. He is great and I really do love him! The branch already loves him (obviously, he is deaf!) and he is such a hard worker! The three of us really were busting our butts this week trying to get some new stuff going for us. And it worked! We have a teaching pool of around 8 or 9 now (half of them are actually really solid) and we found two new investigators! It was a really good week and we had some really good lessons with them. Unfortunately, due to the lack of cars among them, there was no one that was able to show up for church. This was ok because we had a really good experience while at church with the branch and the speakers that were there. Brother Agardy came with the High Councilor from his ward and it was great to see him speak! It was a super spiritual meeting! I am going to start to really understand sign language now (or it will kill me) because I am using it so much! Now I get to use it all day as I converse with Elder Nelsen, I usually interpret when we have a hearing person come to the branch, I interpret for the entire YSA ward, and I interpret for whenever we are with people that don't sign. Imagine how many people that is.....every time we go to a store....every time we go out to eat....every time we talk to someone on the street...and whenever we visit anyone that is not is a lot! But that is ok! Because I will be a pro sometime in the future!

We also were able to go the the temple this week! That was honestly one of the best and most spiritual experiences in my life! It has been a long time since I have been. About 4 months, I don't think I have gone that long missing the temple since I turned 12. Maybe when I was a little younger but it is totally different now actually going through. That was one of the best days ever! It felt like home! It really did! We were able to have the ASL going for Elder Nelsen and it was cool to see that again. It actually showed me how far I have come with the language as I was able to understand everything they said! And I am not exaggerating! I understood everything! But the best part was the Celestial room! The feeling in that room is not of the world. Having been so long without that peace, it was even more apparent. I couldn't help but have the biggest smile on my face the whole time we were in there! Also there was some serious revelation being received there! I received an answer to a question that I have had since day 1 in the MTC! It was beautiful! Also Elder Bradley received some cool revelation that we discussed in there. And then as everyone else left, there was only me and Elder Maughn left in there. He came over from the other side of the room and shared some revelation that he had just received about his life. It was such a great experience! Few experiences can build friendship like that. It truly was an amazing day! That was a good example of our week till Sunday. Sunday night however is when the roller coaster dropped......

So being transfers, we had a few other companionships come over to our place to be with us for the calls. We had popcorn and cards and all of that jazz! It was fun! We waited for a long time for the calls to come.....and then they came. The other Elders went into the other room one by one as they were called to get their calls. Of course we weren't going to be moved! We were doing good, having a good week, and why would they move any of us. So.....when our phone started ringing, I was startled!  It was Elder Walker (the new AP, I love him! And funny story, he knows the Sweeten family from Moab! Ha-ha) and he asked me to put it on speaker phone. Then he told us that Elder Bradley is getting transferred to New Mexico!! What the?!? Why?! He only has the one transfer left and they are sending him to white wash an area! Oh I was not happy at all! I guess that shows how good of a guy Elder Bradley is. We have been together for 7.5 months and I was so disappointed when he has to leave! Also that changes so much for me! Now I will only be with Elder Nelsen which means I am going to have to weather the "Deaf Pride" storm alone. I will also have to interpret everything now; Elder Bradley would whenever he could. And then I found out that my district will be changing as well. And two of my best friends in my zone will also be transferred to the other side of the mission. The two areas that are really doing well are gone. That was a rough night for me. I mean, it wasn't that bad but I allowed my emotions to get the best of me and I was extremely disappointed and even angry. I don't think I have been angry since the MTC! It has been a long time! Ha-ha

It is ok, I came to terms with it and accepted it later that night and everything is good now. I am just a little stressed about doing this alone. Don't get me wrong, I love Elder Nelsen; it is just going to be really different now. We will do great things and I am excited for the opportunity to learn, but I will now be the only hearing person most of the time. That actually is a big difference. But I did ask for this, this is the answer to all of my prayers! I now can become very skilled in sign, we will now have some success start to happen in the branch, the branch will be taken care of and I know what is going to happen now where before it was uncertain. This will be a good experience! This roller coaster will continue this week to a high point as we will be getting the opportunity to have Elder Ballard come down to speak with us! I am so excited for that! Also I heard about Utah State beating the Ute’s......GO AGGIES!! :)

Well....that was my week! We'll see where it goes from here!

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