Monday, December 10, 2012

December 3rd, 2012...(sorry, I thought I had posted it)

Hello again! It is the start of yet another transfer and I can't believe the last one is already over! This was a really slow week! Not a lot happened this week but I will try and give some of the high points.

Ok so last Monday we did something pretty fun at FHE with YSA. We made bleach designs in tee-shirts. It was fun to see everyone's creativity (or lack thereof ha-ha). But that about sums up that activity.

This week we were unable to meet with Laura. She is awesome and we love her and love teaching her but this is a hard time to be teaching her. She has finals this week and last week so it has been really hard to find a time to meet with her. Also her work is not cooperating and keeps scheduling her to work on Sunday and on Monday nights (FHE). We will keep trying but this one will be a difficult week as well!

I think it was last week I mentioned a computer problem we were having that was giving us grief. That problem, I am pleased to announce, was finally solved on Thursday!! Two weeks of headaches are finally over! It was crazy! But everything is fixed and hopefully everything will run smoothly from here on out. That is not entirely true I guess because we still have one issue to take care of tomorrow but it should be all fixed following that! We finally were also able to get all our records and everything transferred here so that we can officially be the branch presidency.

On Friday we went on exchanges again. That was really fun! I was with Elder Eliason and we had a blast! It was really interesting because Thursday night when I was dropped off at his place there were two huge car accidents on the road in front of his complex and we saw them both! It was really weird because as soon as they got one cleaned up and all the cops and ambulance and everything left, it wasn't 5 minutes before we heard the other one! All of the cops and everything came back and took care of that one! It was really weird! But it was a super fun exchange! We went and had some good meetings with the members. We biked around to try and contact some referrals but no one was home! But it was still good! My family will be happy to hear that while I was with him and had some free time, we completed a puzzle of the Logan temple! (My whole extended family are big puzzle people and I was not! ha-ha) Other than that it was just a really good exchange! We found some real interesting stuff in the Pearl of Great Price during companionship study and we are excited to party it up in Logan when we both are home.

So today is transfer day! With that are always some real interesting things! One thing that is really interesting is that I had to do a lot of stuff to help out the zone leaders. I am kind of like the un-official zone leader because I have been here for so long! I don't even know how but somehow I was the one that had to set up when we would do zone pictures, setup the rides and everything for getting everyone to the transfer site today, and they asked me today to train the whole zone tomorrow for part of the zone training! It is interesting! But I guess that's what happens when you are in an area for as long as me. Ha-ha this transfers was pretty crazy! Every companionship except the sisters is getting changed this transfer! (We will get our new missionary in a few weeks) So it will be an interesting transfer with that much change! They also changed my district again! Elder Eliason became district leader also so now my district is only me and the Spanish elders! I am not sure how that is going to work because we really can't help one another's areas. I don't speak Spanish and they are only learning sign language! Haha I don't know but that will be interesting!
Sorry this is an awful letter! Really there was nothing important that happened this week!

Next week will be better!

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