Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21st, 2013

Sorry I didn't post last week!  To catch you up a little, he was just transferred, and he was just made a zone leader.....
Hello again!
This is a fun week to write about! I LOVE the YSA wards!! They are so much fun! I will give some details about our work here, I don't know if I said this on the last email but this time I actually know what I am talking about! We serve on the EAC (Eastern Arizona College) campus and are over 4 YSA wards, the Mount Graham 1-4 wards. And they are awesome! There are some of the coolest people up here! One funny thing is that alot of the people up here know, not only where Layton is but, alot of people that I know as well! Small world! One guy (I will share an experience we had with him later) actually lived in my ward boundaries in Layton over this last summer. He was in the condos across from Dairy Queen! Crazy!! Also I don't know if I really told about Elder Clark my companion. He is a stud!! He is from Nampa Idaho, the first kid in his family to go on a mission, been out about 18 months, he played basketball for a college in Washington he went to, and is awesome! I am so lucky to be with him! He was one of the people I was hoping to be with! haha Being with him and being here on EAC campus (which is possibly the most coveted spot on the mission) is payoff for the patience I have had to have with everything thus far I think!
We are at a building stage right now with investigators. We have a couple that aren't all in if you know what I mean but we did have a ton of non members come to church on Sunday that we were able to meet that hopefully we will see soon! We did set up a appointment with one of them that we are super excited for! I'll let you know how that goes! I also realised while being here in the YSA wards (full time now) that I am pretty socially awkward from being in the branch for so long! One on one I am fine but when there is a large group I get pretty quiet because I am not used to that anymore! haha funny stuff! This week at church was interesting! Being that we have 4 wards we go to 4 different Sacrament meetings every week! That is very interesting and actually quite a blessing! It is great to be in there with them! This week was even more interesting! We participated in 3 of the 4 sacrament meetings that we had! In 3rd ward we each said one of the prayers, in 1st ward we shared our testimonies at the end of the meeting, and in 4th ward we were the meeting! We were the speakers and it was actually a great experience! We each gave some good talks and had alot of positive feedback from them. Also that was a ward that we had one of our investigators in and two potential investigators in! It was awesome!
The member support here is unreal! I can't believe it! I guess that is partially due to the fact that many of our members are in fact RM's so they know how it is! But it really is blowing my away! Everything! Even the fact that we have a ward mission leader (we have 4!) and ward missionaries that would love to come out with us is crazy to me! I love it! One example of how this works and how each of you can be a member missionary is below:
We were over and teaching a member lesson (super effective) and one guy in our ward started talking to us about a less active friend he has. Then he says, "I'm going to call her.......right now." which he does and then when she answered he spoke with here for a little while and then said "You can't be mad at me but I just told the missionaries that you are going to take the lessons with them". Maybe a little too blunt for some people but perfect for her as she agreed without any persuasion. He testified that we would be able to help her and then said goodbye. Then the next morning we got a text from him saying that she invited a non-member friend to meet with us also! That is member missionary work! He will be at the lessons as well as both of them. We are hoping to start those this week. The church is true!
That will be all for now! Hope you had a good week!
Elder Banner

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