Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 11th, 2013

             Oh it has been an amazing week! This has been one of those weeks where, as you look back, you are amazed that so much can happen in one week! It was the make or break point for two of our investigators and that was an emotional roller coaster!
The first was with Larry. We knew a certain question would come up with Larry sometime or another but we weren't sure when it would come up. It came up late last week as people started to give him a bunch of anti-Mormon lies. They kept telling him things that weren't true and telling him that he would never be able to join the church and never would be accepted and everything. It was awful! We were finally able to have a lesson with him Tuesday morning. We were scared! Ha-ha We had no idea how that lesson was going to go and we knew if we said the wrong thing it would be over for Larry. We got there, prayed really hard, and then started the lesson. It ended up being one of the most spiritual experiences I've ever had. We had Larry's best friend come with him, he is a recent convert of about two years, as well as the Missionaries for the Safford Branch to add some diversity being that Elder A'vaua is Samoan. Larry's friend hijacked the lesson but was able to share with Larry what he needed to hear and to show him that it was possible. He talked a lot about Larry praying for himself to know what was true! He was also able to bear a strong testimony that we were able to back up. The spirit is what did it! What changed Larry is we asked him (were prompted to ask him) what was the difference in the feeling that was there when we were telling him and the feeling that was there when the other people were telling him the other things. You could see that hit him as he realized the peace that was there! That changed everything! Larry is so excited now for everything! He is excited to be baptized and join this church! But that was quite the roller coaster with him that day! From scared to death to pure excitement! Then to make that day even crazier, I have to tell you about Nicole.
               Nicole is awesome! She had spent the last weekend at home with her family, not the best of influences for her. She came back and on Monday and was great but then Monday night Satan really hit her hard! She got really upset and frustrated and started having doubts and problems and everything! She sent us a text that she was struggling and having a hard time Tuesday morning. We encouraged her and said we could discuss it at our lesson that day. Right as we got out of the lesson with Larry on Tuesday, excited and on top of the world, we noticed that she had sent us a text about halfway through that lesson. The text said basically, "I'm done. I am sorry for wasting your time but I can't see myself living the lifestyle. This is not what I expected to happen in my life and I am not ready. You guys are awesome but I can't do it anymore." Talk about the wind being taken from our sails. That was like a sucker punch to our excitement. Ha-ha A small miracle happened that day right then that changed everything. We went to our car, again freaking out a little bit. In the car we were about to go home and say a prayer but we had the strong feeling to pray right there in he car. We did and then I had the feeling to call her, not text but call, no answer, and then we headed home. We later found out that after Nicole had sent that text and we had not respond (we were in the lesson with Larry) she had thought that we were done with her and had given up. She didn't feel right with that. She felt uneasy and finally decided to pray. She went into her room and poured her heart out to God and in her prayed she told him that if this was right we would need to call her back because she was too stubborn to call us. She finished her prayer, walked into the other room and picked up her phone and saw a missed call/voicemail from us. That was a miracle! That gave her the strength and the assurance to call us back. I spoke with her for a short time and then we had a meeting later that day! That was also one of the most spiritual experiences as we were able to explain how, the closer we get to God, the harder the adversary tries to pull us down. The spirit was so strong in that lesson and really touched her and she felt so peaceful that all of her worries were gone. Every doubt in her mind she said, and then realized all the holes and problems with that doubt. It was cool to see her answer her own questions with the help of the spirit! We were able to have a great lesson and she is back on track and more ready than ever!
               We were also able to go have a lesson at the temple with Nicole and we were able to have Tashena come to that to answer her questions! It was great and she kept saying that she can't wait to get to the temple! She loved the feeling that was there! It was one of the coolest experiences ever! I love the temple! Nicole is ready to be baptized on the 30th. Due to Spring break starting this weekend that will be the first Saturday she will be here! We are excited for that!
               Oh there is so much left to say! That only gets us to Tuesday! We were able to see some really cool miracles on Wednesday and Thursday as well as yesterday but I am out of time! I am sorry! I will write them in my journal!

 Love you all! The Church is true! The Book is blue! And Moroni is on the ball! (if confused look at a temple) 

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