Friday, April 13, 2012

April 11th, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!! (Even though it is late.)

The reason I am writing today instead of Monday is that today we went to the Gila Valley Temple as a zone. So we changed P-Day to Wednesday for this week! This morning we woke up at 4, we then met everyone at the stake center at 5, loaded up and drove the couple hours to Gila Valley. We were then able to the Temple! The Gila Valley temple is beautiful!! It is smaller than those that I am used to, but it is beautiful and actually looks good in the desert. It has flowers all around it that are just blooming; it also has Mt. Gram in the back that has snow on it still. Yes, Arizona actually has snow in a few random spots. Anyway, it was a great experience but we just got back to Tucson now at two and I am so tired! It was my day to drive and it was a very long drive!

Like I said, Happy Easter! I hope your Easter was as good as ours!! It was definitely a very special day; not for any particular reason but church was just a lot of fun and abnormally spiritual! Now I'm not saying that the deaf branch isn't spiritual, it is different, but the spirit is always there, but on Sunday it was special! It was a good day! After that we had lunch with the Agardys and then we had a lesson with Danielle who is moving forward to her baptism with a lot of enthusiasm! She is studying the B.O.M like we wish most members would. She uses the references down in the bottom and is studying it along with the Bible and the D&C and the Pearl of Great Price. She is awesome, we love her!

After that we went up to my Uncle Nate and my Aunt Elisa's house to have Easter dinner with their family. Yes, they do live in our mission and yes President Killpack gave us permission to go. It was a great meal! We really appreciated it.  I really like going to the Banners because it reminds me of home but not enough to make me feel trunky and homesick. I missed being with you for conference and Easter. But I am having the time of my life out here! It is great!  And they had a non-member neighbor couple come over. They really seemed to like Elder Bradley's Easter message!  IT was good and we hope that they may be felt something and will look more into the church.

We also had family night with the Warren Family on Monday.  Brother Warren used to be the Deaf Branch President and Sister Warren is now the Relief Society President in the branch. Brother Warren is hearing and Sister Warren is very hard-of-hearing. I love them both! They are the sweetest people! They are so nice to everyone! We had a nice dinner with them and then I was able to give an Easter lesson for Family Night.

Most of our work lately, and probably for the next while, will be dealing with some of the less active members of our branch. We have a lot of them and they need a lot of help. That is what we do most days and we are seeing a little success from that. Some are becoming a little more active! Working in the Deaf Branch is very, very slow. I will be able to hold my own against Job in patience by the time I go home! Probably shouldn't have said that. Now the Lord is going to bless me with patience......dang.

We did a lot more this week but I am really tired and we are going to go have nap time before our lesson tonight!

So I hope all is going well! Thank you for all of your letters, prayers and continued support!  It really means a lot to me.   

With Love from the Desert,

Elder Banner

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