Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 23rd, 2012

Hello everyone,

Yesterday we officially hit triple digits temperature wise, it was 103 degrees! In April! I was dying! Ha-ha Guess what I heard from everyone, "oh you just wait, this is nothing yet!" I am in trouble! Ha-ha

Other than me being a baby and not quite adjusting to the heat yet it has been pretty good! I guess that is a lie though, I have adjusted to the heat. If it is below about 65 degrees, I think it is cold now! Ha-ha. It was another slow week but some really good things came out of it! First, by the next email I will be able to send some baptism pictures!! Danielle is so excited for Saturday, as are we! It will be such a great experience for her; she is so ready for everything! We continue to meet with her and teach her, but for now we are just waiting for Saturday! She asked Elder Bradley to baptize her and for me to confirm her! I am kind of nervous but I am really excited!

We found our lost investigator Daniel, he showed up to church on Sunday! Apparently he didn't pay his cell phone bills so they shut it off, we were just glad that he was still happy to meet with us! Progress is very slow with him. Though he is good at languages, and knows 4, he actually is Low Ed and doesn't understand a lot. We are continuing to teach him but it will be a while before he understands enough to be baptized. It would help if we could meet with him more than once a week.

On Thursday we did exchanges again, but this time I stayed in our area and Elder Bradley left. It was a good experience; I was basically on my own when talking to the deaf.  Elder Bowen was my companion at the time and does not know any sign but I think everything went ok! Elder Bowen actually had a referral for us so we went and found that apartment.  At the apartment there are two deaf people living there. They are both extremely nice and talked to me for like 15 minutes! It is actually a good potential, they said to come back this week and hopefully we can catch them home!

The work is slow in the deaf branch but work is getting done. We are starting to see some progress in our branch and our member’s activity is starting to increase! Hopefully we can continue this upward trend! Thanks for the support and your letters!

I love you all!

Elder Banner

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