Friday, May 4, 2012

May 1st, 2012

One down, hopefully many more to go!!

This week was a very good week!! This weekend Danielle was baptized!!

That is what this letter is going to about because this has been the highlight of the mission so far! It was such a great experience teaching her and seeing all the good that has come from it! Danielle is awesome! For example, she came an hour early with Lily and the two of us to pick out a baptism outfit and she said, "If we have some spare time when this is done, before it starts can we go over Jacob 5? I don't understand everything in there and I want to understand the symbolism!" Most members just skip over things like that but not Danielle. When she was reading through 2 Nephi she had a bible with her and would read every chapter then compare it with the chapters in Isaiah that applied to them! I haven't even done that! She is so solid! Great things are ahead for her!

Her family is all non-members, she has a Dad who lives in San Francisco, and she lives with her mom and her older brother here. We had met her mom once, but very briefly before the baptism. Danielle called us last Tuesday and told us that not only was her mom ok with her getting baptized but she wanted to come to it! Also, her brother had the same reaction! But the best and coolest thing is she invited her Dad and he drove all the way from San Francisco to see her get baptized! Not one of her family members have ever had contact with the Church before, her mom even thought we were an entirely different religion, but they were all super excited for her and they all came and sat in the front row and really seemed to enjoy the service! Her brother had to go to work before we got the pictures so he is not in them, but her whole family was there!

The baptismal service was great! It was pretty simple but it was good! About 40 people showed up to see it, about 10 were missionaries but there were a lot of people there to support her! Between Me, Elder Bradley, and the Agardy family we did the entire program! It was great! Elder Bradley baptized her and the spirit was in that room, it was so strong! A lot of people said that it was one of the best baptisms they had ever gone to! One of the best parts was the look in her eyes a little later that day! We were having dinner with her family, the Agardy family, and another family. As we were talking both Elder Bradley and I noticed that her eyes had changed! They were super bright and full of light.  We could tell that she was different now. It was great to see that light of Christ in her eyes! She was confirmed yesterday at church. She asked me to confirm her and I was very nervous! I had never done anything like that before! But it went really well, the spirit was there and it was also a very great experience! It was also nice to go to a ward where I could just listen to the speakers! I love the branch, but that sacrament was nice!

Now that she is baptized we need to start getting some deaf people baptized, we have some potential investigators that we are working to get a hold of. We have an appointment with a new one tomorrow so hopefully we will have some new investigators soon!

There is nothing better in this world then the gospel and the happiness it can bring!

Till next week,

Elder Banner

I realized that I have not sent any pictures of this transfer so here is an email with some pictures!

I think most of these pictures are self explanatory but I will give you the names of the people in the group pictures!

see picture 8392
Top:  TJ Agardy, Sieta Agardy (special needs, see below)
Middle: Elder Bradley, Elder Banner, Telhri Agardy, Lily Agardy, Danielle De Alba, Danielles Mom and Dad (both non members)
Bottom: Zitry (pronounced Z3) Agardy

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