Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 22, 2012

Hello everyone,

We had Zone Conference this week, and I made a fool of myself during it! Ha-ha

Thursday, we had Zone Conference at our Stake Center. We had the East Tucson Zone (ours), the South Tucson Zone, and the Saurita Zone all there. It was a great meeting and we were able to get up and talk during it! First, President Killpack spoke and he was followed by his wife. After that the AP's gave a training on finding new people. This was all great until right in the middle we had a break. During this break, President came up to the two of us and said that he wanted us to give talks when the break was over about deaf people and how they could help us find them. That is great and we were super excited to be able to do this! Hopefully this would help us in our work! We had about 5 minutes to quickly prepare, easy, so the two of us decided what we would each like to share and it was going to be great. The problem was that we didn't actually go up right after the break. Sister Killpack got up and gave an additional training on medical things which took a while and in that time I forgot what I was going to say!  Ha-ha  It was fine and I was able to talk about what I needed too, mostly. Luckily Elder Bradley spoke after me and was able to mention everything that I failed to. It was great! We taught everyone how to get us an address from deaf people so hopefully we can get some good referrals from all of them!

So today was 109 degrees! It is getting so hot now and I think that I am just on a Sign Language mission because my Father in Heaven knows me and knows that I am a baby and need to be able to drive around in a truck instead of out on a bike. Ha-ha. We'll see if I ever have to be on a bike. I love our truck more than ever!

We may have a new investigator! It is that lady that we stalked home a few weeks ago! Ha-ha We finally went to her house and tried to contact her. She came out and spoke with us for a long time and then we suggested that we could help her with anything with her yard or anything like that and she asked for our contact information so hopefully something comes out of this.

Things are going alright here!

Love you!

Elder Banner

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