Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 14, 2012

So this letter will be short because I just spoke with my family yesterday, so I told them everything that I have been up to! First, it was great to hear them and to see them again. We were able to Skype home yesterday and it was awesome! I was so excited to see them again! I loved the experience of speaking with them!

So this week we had a lot of members to visit which is always great, but the unique thing that happened this week was that we had an appointment up in Safford. Safford is about a two hour drive from Tucson so….Road Trip!! It was fun! We went up there yesterday morning, spoke with a deaf guy we were meeting and then went down to the temple. The guy is super nice! It was great getting to know him and talk with him for awhile. Due to the distance I don't know how much we will be able to go up and see him, but the Lord always provides. One of the missionaries in that ward (recently transferred) knows a little sign, enough to talk to him. In addition to that a lady that lives in the ward is an ASL interpreter by profession and her whole family signs as well! Even though we will not be go up as often as we like, we will go up every once and a while and while we are not there, those Elders along with that family will be able to teach him! 

After that visit we went to the temple and took some pictures of the grounds. It was so beautiful! All of the flowers are out and they had a nice contrast with the desert around them! I love going to the temple even if it is just a short trip around the grounds! After that we went to a music shop up there just to look at guitars and play a few. While we were there I found a twelve-string Fender guitar that is really nice and was at an amazing price so I bought it!  Don't worry; there is nothing apostate in my actions being that we are allowed to have guitars!  So now I have another guitar!  

When were heading back, Elder Bradley and I came up with the great idea of stopping in the middle of the desert and taking some pictures with it!  There was a great spot that had lots of huge rocks all around the ground so we took some funny pictures!  While we were there I ran into a bush; not hard really, just a little bump.  Being that this is Tucson and "everything is either dead or wants you dead" that was “no bueno”. That little bush poked me pretty good, and cut my leg enough to draw quite a bit of blood. But even better then that is the bush's points are poisoned! Three days later my leg still feels like I was hit by a two-by-four! The day it happened my leg was so numb for the whole day! Oh you have to love Arizona! Fun Stuff!

Well I hope things are going well with all of you!

Love you all!

Elder Banner

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