Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 20th, 2012

This was a strange and crazy week! I will start with some of the small little things and then go from there!

I had an interesting experience this week involving in a blessing in Korean! We got a call from Elder Kim and Elder Dineheart (the other YSA Elders and some of the coolest people ever!) and we needed to go with them to give a blessing to a less active member who was going in for surgery the next day. When we got there I anointed and then Elder Kim was going to give the blessing, he seemed a little hesitant when he was going to give the blessing and then he started, in Korean! Elder Kim in from South Korea and hasn't been here that long and he didn't feel very comfortable giving a blessing in English yet! It was really cool! Since I have been out here I have given/been a part of a blessing in 4 languages! It was awesome!

We had another interesting experience in church yesterday.  We had one of our members who is moving (yep, another active member leaving us!) give a talk in sacrament that went to about five minutes to closing, and he was the first speaker. Normally this is fine, usually the second speaker goes up and just bears his testimony.   This time however, the second speaker got up and gave his full talk! We were 15 minutes over! The other ward was not happy because that is their Sunday school room! But it was kind of funny!

We also had a Zone Conference this week which was fantastic! It was such a great meeting and I learned a lot of stuff! The funny thing was that we only spoke about basic things but for some reason me, Elder Seare, and a few other missionaries learned a lot of deeper doctrine!  I don't know why but it just happens! It was also weird because Elder Bradley gave his dying testimony! He will still be here till the end of October, but that was his last Zone conference so he gave his farewell testimony! It was great to see all of the different missionaries down in that areaof our mission! I'll send some pictures!

We had a few baptisms this week. In the YSA we had two baptisms! It was so great! They aren't really our investigators (Elder Kim and Elder Dineheart have been the lead teachers but it was great to be a part of that! The baptisms were great (as always) and a lot of people showed up! It was really cool to see the two of them be baptized and think of all the good that they will be able to do now with this gospel! One of them is actually being sent to Iraq in a few months and he is happy to have the gospel in his life now and is grateful for the peace it brings him! I will send a picture of us with Alfrado and Christian!

The big thing that happened this week actually happened on Monday, about twenty minutes after I sent my last email.   Our district leader, Elder Barrot, went home this week so we have been wondering who would be the next District Leader, everyone was thinking Elder Bradley or Elder Maughn. Last Monday we were in the car and we got a call from President Killpack so I handed the phone to Elder Bradley to answer and I started to make fun of him (in sign) because he was going to be district leader!  President spoke with Elder Bradley for a long time, the whole time I was making fun of him and laughing to myself, and then I heard President say, "Is Elder Banner there?". That shut me up! haha  So I am now the new district leader! I know! What is President thinking? How am I going to be a good district leader? My district is so old!! There is one over 22 months, one over 20, two over 18, one at 9, and then two greenies! I'm only 8! haha It is so weird! I am now the senior companion over my trainer (mission dad)! When does that ever happen?! haha  It will be ok though, I'll just have to learn a lot. Being district leader, I did do a baptism interview the next day! Yeah, that was weird! But it went well! I was nervous to have someone’s future salvation in my hands but luckily he was ready and he will be getting baptized this week!

So that was my week! It was good! We had a lesson with one of our new investigators that went well but we still have a long way to go with him. But it was a good week!

Love you,

Elder Josh Banner

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