Monday, August 13, 2012

August 6th, 2012

This was another good week! We had a few interesting things happen this week. On Friday we went to dinner with the Beeston family (YSA - 4 kids in the YSA - they are awesome!), the thing that was different this time is they asked me to cook! Elder Bradley told them on Sunday that I could cook so they had us over and told me I could make anything I wanted to and they would go get the ingredients. So, I decided to make twice baked potatoes and broccoli cheese soup!

My family sent me the recipes and on Friday we showed up to cook! I was surprised when I got there, instead of feeding 6 of us there were 11 people! I have never cooked for that many people before but of course that was fine! It ended up being the Beeston's, their older brother and his wife, a girl I have never met, the other YSA elders, and the two of us! It was really fun! It took me forever to get all of that cooked (Steven Beeston helped me while everyone else went and played croquet), but in the end it actually turned out pretty well! I had never cooked the potatoes before so I was a little nervous but everything actually turned out great! It was probably the best soup I've ever made before and the potatoes worked really well! We had a great time over there, as always, and it was really fun to have that experience!

Our church schedule changed this week. The YSA changed the meeting time from 11 to 1. Yep, so now we can go to all of both wards. We show up at 8 for meetings, and then our deaf branch starts at 9. After that, we do all of the tithing and the welfare and then we have just enough time to get to the U of A institute for the YSA ward to start at 1. Then, after all of those meetings we still had more meetings and we ended up leaving church sometime after 5! So, only 9 hours of church! ha-ha. But don't worry; we did have that 15 minute drive in the middle that gave us a little break! ha-ha. Actually, I do really like it! It isn't that bad to go to that much church!  I don't think I will ever complain again that the three hours of church is super long!

Yesterday, when we got home, we had a huge monsoon that came through and knocked out our power for an hour and a half, so we just kind of hung out in the apartment and each took a nap! ha-ha. What is sad is that after I took an hour nap at 6 at night, I could still go back to sleep at 11! Crazy! That was basically it for this week; it was slower because of transfers and a few other things that happened! But it was good! I hope everything is going well with all of you!

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