Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 4th, 2013

It has been.....quite possibly.....the best week of my life!!

It was insane! The reason it was so good was not that anything to big and amazing or fun happened but that the Spirit was there this week unlike any before! I had a Spiritual experience that started Monday night and went all the way to Saturday before it dropped a bit! And it only dropped a little and then Sunday was another great day! It wasn't so much just one experience but it was one after another after another! Being that these experiences were super personal to me and that there were so many I don't think I can adequately explain what happened this week. But I will try!

It all started Monday night..... I wrote in my last email about the blessing I received from Bishop Bluthe! That was the spark! After that I was on a Spiritual level that I have never been on before and everything was great! It has fantastic! Tuesday was a good day! We did a lot of cool things and then we went on splits with the Ward Mission Leader and the Elders Quorum President in 6th ward! It was very successful and we were able to meet a lot of people and set up many appointments! We also had our first lesson with our new investigator named Julie! She is awesome! She has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and the church already and is so ready to join! There are other circumstances that will postpone that a little but we will keep teaching her! That lesson was a great experience!

Wednesday was amazing! We were going to do an exchange with Elder Maughan and Elder Johnson sometime the week but Elder Cooper "randomly" decided that we should exchange after district meeting. We did and it was great! It was definitely inspired as the whole day we had cool experience after cool experience that wouldn't have happened if Elder Maughan and I weren't together! Elder Maughan is one of my best friends and it was super fun to teach with him! The best part is that Wednesday night we trained the Safford side of things and having Elder Maughan with me was an answer to prayer! He was able to testify of certain principles that really touched the other missionaries! It was so cool as 6 of the missionaries came up to each of us afterwards and said that was what they needed and asked for advice on how to get there. I have never had that effect on people and I know that it was because Elder Maughan was with me! The coolest part of Wednesday was after that though. When we went home we started discussing the gospel and the Plan of Salvation. That night and discussion was one of the most Spiritual experiences of my life! I have never had the channels of revelation open like they were that night! One after another! The feeling of that room was super sacred afterword and felt like a holy place! So much that the next morning when we woke up the same feeling was there! It was amazing! I love the Spirit!

Thursday was good as well! We had some cool experiences and were able to have a lot of fun! We also went on tracting splits with Jared Wright and Blaine Taylor! That was interesting! I tracked more this week then I have in my entire mission! It was fun!

And then Friday was the culmination and best part of the whole week! We had MLC (Mission Leadership Council) and it was the best meeting I have ever been to! It was so cool! The whole way there, the whole time there, and the whole time back were great experiences and discussions of the gospel! It was really fun as we were able to go down with President Larson and Sister Waters and Sister Lagunez! That was a great experience to talk about a lot with them! It was so cool! And then everything we talked about in the meeting was great and different answers to prayer and everything! The best part of it was the doctrinal training that President Killpack gave at the end! It was on the Character of Christ! If you look back at all the emails I have sent my whole mission you will realize that topic has been a study of my whole mission! It was amazing! The coolest experience ever! That is the one and only time that I was so full of the Spirit that my body was shaking! It was great! I love the Spirit! Having the Spirit with you is the best thing ever! It changes everything! Revelation was amazing! I wish I could explain to you some of the feelings that were felt this week! It was amazing!

We also moved over 635 boxes on Saturday in about 110 degree weather! What is weird is that didn't even feel that hot to me. I am in trouble going home! Ha-ha and we had a really good day yesterday!

Sorry this is probably a weird email but I can't even describe anything that happened this week!

I love this Church! I love being on a Mission!
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