Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28th, 2013

What a week! Being that this week was extra-long I have so much to write about and not enough time. I will try to do the week justice but being that some of the coolest things that happened this week happened yesterday many things may fall by the wayside.

This week we had zone conference which was amazing! It was such a great one and I loved it! It was just what I needed and a perfect pick me up! We were asked to train for this zone conference which went really well. Elder Cooper and I are starting to be able to teach really well. It took a little while because we think so differently but we are getting better and the zone conference was the start of that!

We had a funny experience as we were playing ultimate Frisbee with some of our members the other night. Elder Cooper was being fancy and throwing the Frisbee under his legs but had a problem. In Australia they wear their pants tighter than we do......they don't stretch too much....so they ripped....ha-ha It was so funny as they ripped the entire bottom out of his pants! Needless to say we went home right after that! He now has a name among the students! Ha-ha

 I was able to go on a fun exchange with Elder Cozier this week. He has been out six months and was just put as a district leader. It was cool as we were able to just talk for a long time and I was able to relay to him many of the things that I have learned out here that I wish I would have known earlier!

 We worked at the food bank a lot this week! We went there on three different days and had a lot of fun there!

 We had some great experiences with the members this week! They take really good care of us here and are always looking out for us! I love the members we have here! Best ever!

 We had an interesting experience this week in which Elder Cooper and I had to rebuke and call a branch president to repentance. He didn't like that very much....but it was really important. What he really didn't like is that I knew what I was talking about as I have read the bishop's handbook. I have come to learn that all problems can be solved by simple obedience to the laws and rules that God has set. That would have taken care of this problem and any of the other problems that we deal with. Obedience is everything!

 We had Frog legs for dinner on Sunday. That was an interesting experience. They were caught, killed, and prepared on Saturday night and cooked for us on Sunday. That is something that I wouldn't have guessed I would have here. They were alright. Ha-ha

 We also started teaching the stake mission prep class. It is really fun! It is cool to be there to help all of these pre-missionaries prepare themselves. They are all so much farther ahead of where I was when I was preparing.

This week was awesome as we were able to have some really cool discussions with a few of the missionaries that are here. On Saturday we were able to sit down and discuss doctrine with a few missionaries that asked for our help understanding things! It was great as we were able to have awesome experiences and all learn many new things! I haven't had a discussion like that since I was with Elder Nelsen!  It was great!

The coolest part of this week happened last night. I have actually been struggling a lot this week (even though it was a great one) with stress and some other things! Satan is a tool and has been hitting me hard lately because I have been trying to be better. But last night I was able to get some amazing help. We had dinner over at Bishop and Sister Bluthe's house which was great! I love being over there! I had the impression to ask bishop for a blessing after dinner. That is weird because I think that is the 2nd time I have had a blessing since I have been out here but the impression was strong so I went ahead and asked! I am so grateful that I responded to that prompting because that was exactly what I needed. That blessing was different than any I have ever experienced. This one felt as if God was sitting in front of me and telling me what I needed! I have a pretty good relationship with God and we talk all the time and I hear Him speak to me through the Spirit and thoughts and impressions frequently. But this time was different! This time it was like He sent a letter to me that Bishop read for me! It was the coolest experience as He told me of things that no one knew but God. He admonished me to continue with my prayers and was proud of all that I was doing! The feeling there was indescribable! It was amazing to think that, though He is in charge of and has the whole universe to run, last night God spoke to me and I was able to understand that! It was the greatest feeling ever and I know now more than I had ever before, who He is and who I am. I am His son and was able to get some great advice and encouragement from Him last night. I now know better where I am at spiritually and it is a lot farther and deeper than I thought I was at. Everything made sense last night! It was great! One of the best experiences of my life! I wish I could adequately describe it but it is only special because it is so personal and probably wouldn't mean the same to anyone else. If you desire a similar experience with God. All you need to do is ask. As I have come to greater understand my relationship with my Heavenly Father you can as well. He loves each of you as He loves me and is waiting for that closeness with you. But the ball is in your court. It is up to you. I encourage all of you to experiment with it.

 That was my week.
 Till next time
 Elder Banner

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