Thursday, May 9, 2013

April 22nd, 2013

Well it has been another crazy week! I can't believe how fast this semester is going and will be really upset when it is done and we lose all of the people here! It was be a different kind of work after that! But we still have a little while! One of the worst things about this week is that both of us have been sick. We have both had colds and we don't have time to be sick or to rest and get better so we are still feeling sick! We will be taking today real slow though so hopefully we can get better starting now!

 It was an eventful week! The first thing I want to talk about is interviews! We had interviews with President Killpack this week and they were great. I have grown to really enjoy interviews. It makes a difference when I feel like I am accomplishing what I should be. Ha-ha It was a really cool experience this time as President personally thanked Elder Clark and I for something that we started that quickly went through the whole mission. It has to do with purification and bringing ourselves in even greater closeness to God and His laws through self-mastery and daily accountability. We didn't come up with it but we heard about it, tried it, reported it to the assistants and they really liked it so they went around the entire mission (to every companionship) and taught them about it. President thanked us for that and told us that many of the missionaries have really been able to become who they should be by doing this. This really works! This purification is the reason that I am who I am now! It changed my entire mission and me! It was really cool!
 Elder Clark and I had another cool experience this week as we were able to go and do some service at the home that President Spencer W. Kimball grew up in! It was so cool to walk through the childhood home of a prophet of God! They gave us a tour and it was so cool! We were able to go through the entire house! I will attach some pictures!

 We went on exchanges this week with Elder Maughan and Elder Johnson. Elder Maughan came with me here to our area and Elder Clark spent the day with Elder Johnson. This was probably my favorite exchange thus far as we were able to have a really good time! It was really cool because Elder Maughan and I were good friends back in August in the East zone and then he went away but both of us have learned alot of the same lessons and were able to talk about it for a long time! It was cool to see the change that has happened in both of us through the Atonement. It was crazy because everyone thought that Elder Clark was transferred and were freaking out! Good times!

 We had an interesting experience this weekend at a Multi-stake YSA activity! They had Kainoa's (a Hawaiian deli that is super good) cater and after dinner they had a lot of activities including an "Arizona Snowball fight"! It was really cool and they had 5 stakes of YSA there which includes 3 junior colleges so it was a lot of fun! It was weird to be there as a missionary because the whole time they had loud music going (a lot of the songs I didn't recognize) and it felt like a party! The "Arizona Snowball fight" is a flour fight with hay bales for hiding behind and everything! It was pretty intense! There was so much flour floating in the air by the end that they probably could have had a laser show in it! Ha-ha it was really cool! There was one of our members that broke his leg trying to jump over a hay bale so that wasn't very fun! But he ended up crutching his way the mile to church yesterday though! That is dedication and commitment! I think he is in surgery today!

The rest of the week was good! We have had some good lessons with Tyler and Chad and also some really cool lessons with Nicole and Larry! I am so blessed to be able to work with the people that I am! I was also asked to speak in church yesterday which went ok. I gave a talk on my thoughts of Elder Holland's talk from conference! It was a good experience but I felt it wasn't one of my best talks. But it was still good! Things are going good! I hope that you have all had a great week as well!

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