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April 22nd, 2013

I am just catching up on his posts:)....from Liz.......
OH it has been a crazy week! It has been such a good one though with so many cool experiences!! The work is a little weird being that we are right around the corner from finals so our work is struggling a bit as everyone prepares for that but it is still a lot of fun! I can't believe how fast it is going! I swear that yesterday we were emailing about last week.....It is going so fast now.
 But it has been a good one! We had many experiences and I am only going to be able to relate a few. It was a good week for all that we were working with. Larry, Chad, and Tyler are doing really well! Tyler was able to go up and speak at her cousin's baptism in Saint Johns this weekend and she read us her talk which was amazing! It is so cool to see the growth and the change that has taken place in her life in the past couple months!

 We had a really cool experience with a guy named Tad. On Wednesday Elder Clark and I decided to walk to district meeting to save on miles because we knew that our zone was going to be over. On the way home we were walking on the other side of the street from the church parking lot and we heard a guy yell, "Elders!” We turned around and there was a guy standing by his car and looking very uncomfortable as he said softly so that we could barely hear it, "I need help..." So of course we started back and walked over to him to ask what we could do for him. As we got close we could tell he was crying and we knew something was up. He said that he needed a blessing real bad so we started walking to the church. On the way Elder Clark introduced us and this guy said his name. As soon as he said it the mood changed and it became even more solemn. We knew who this guy was being that two of our missionaries were working with him and had told us about him. We knew that this was a serious moment in this man's eternal progression. When we got in the church we were able to give him a blessing and I was able to be the voice! It was a cool blessing and the only thing I remember is the sacred feeling that was there and that this guy was crying the whole time as it was exactly what he needed to hear. After the blessing he told us that he was really struggling and Satan was working hard on him and bringing up everything he had done wrong to try and make him feel unworthy to be baptized. He pulled over into the church parking lot and poured out his heart to God and asked for a miracle and something that would help him know what to do. When he opened his eyes he saw us walking directly in front of his car. The Lord works in mysterious ways. We were definitely where we were supposed to be! After the blessing he called Elder Maughan and asked if he could be baptized this weekend! He was able to and Elder Maughan said that it was the most spiritual baptism that he had ever been too and there was not a dry eye in the room! It was a blessing to be a part of that!

 The other really really cool thing that happened is that Nicole was able to get her patriarchal blessing this Sunday!! And she invited us to attend! It was one of the best, happiest, and most rewarding experiences of my entire mission! It changed my mission and my perspective on our work! It was so amazing to realize how much God loves Nicole and how He has put her in this life and guided her to do what would make her the happiest! It was amazing to hear some of the promises that He has in store for her! I learned a lot about the Plan of Salvation from that experience! It was the most amazing and sweetest spirit there! The church is true! There is no way that anything like that would be possible without it!

I love this gospel! I love the blessings and the peace that is available to us because of it! I encourage all of you to honestly introspect your relationship with God and think of what you can do to make that better. Therein lies happiness!

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