Thursday, April 18, 2013

April 15, 2013

Hello! It has been a crazy week! It has been a lot of steps for those we have been teaching! It has been a very rewarding week!

First we will start with Tyler! She has had a great week! She was able to get her patriarchal blessing last Monday and had a wonderful experience with that! We asked her afterwards if she had any doubts that God knows exactly who she is and what is happening in her life and her response was, "Not a chance!" ha-ha It was really cool! The other thing came as a shock to us! We were having a lesson with her on Wednesday and she seemed really excited the whole time and then after we said the prayer she said, "I have something to show you two." and then reached into her bag. She came out holding a little piece of paper with a temple on it. It took me a second to process what that meant! I thought oh cool it's a temple recommend and then it hit me, "Tyler is holding a temple recommend!!!!" It was so cool! That was one of the best experiences thus far on my mission! To see someone who was so lost and so miserable when we first started meeting transform into a person beaming with excitement and radiating light as she showed proof that she was ready and worthy to enter into the house of the Lord! It was the sweetest experience! She will be going soon! We are so excited for her!

The next thing is something that happened on Thursday! Now Thursday was our temple day, only happens once every 4 months and is not scheduled by us. We didn't tell anyone that we were going on Thursday and definitely not which session we were going to which happened to be the 9:45 session. Wednesday afternoon Nicole sent us a very happy text telling us that she, Salena, Josh, and Larry had all decided that they were going to the temple to do baptisms on Thursday at 9:30! Of course we were so excited! Nicole and Larry were going to the temple! OH HECK YA!! And then we realized that they would be at the temple at the same time that we would be without any planning! What a tender mercy of the Lord! It was so cool!

Thursday we were able to see the fruits of our labors as those we were privileged to teach were welcomed into the house of the Lord! It was one of the greatest feelings ever! It was such an amazing opportunity! Also the temple was fantastic! As always! That is the most peaceful place in the entire world because you feel like you leave the world and step into heaven! The Celestial room is definitely my favorite place to be! It was amazing to step away from all of the stress and everything and bask in the love of God! I love this church!
Another really cool thing is that Nicole was able to meet the patriarch yesterday and talk with him for a little while in preparation for when she has her blessing in two weeks!! Also we were privileged to be able to stand in on Larry's ordination to the Priesthood! That was such a cool experience as well! Larry has the priesthood! That is so cool! We are so happy for him!

It has been a good week! It has also been a stressful week as we had some problems with some missionaries that we had to deal with! Oh the joys of being over a good sized zone! We also trained the entire zone this week and that was a struggle! It is not a good omen when only two companionships are there on time to a zone meeting. But such is life! I look forward to the crappy parts of the mission because they usually happen right before or during the best times on the mission! Such is how it was this week! We will keep trucking along and hopefully have some more people to teach her soon. We are looking to find some new investigators now and are trying our best!

That has been the report for this week!

Elder Banner......signing off!

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