Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 8th, 2013

General Conference was this weekend! I could end my letter right there as that in and of itself should explain how good of a week it was!

I loved Conference! I hope that all of you really appreciated the opportunity that we had this weekend. Think of how many billions of people have populated this earth since Adam and Eve. Now imagine how many prophets there were and that, up until around just a few years ago, to hear the voice of a prophet explaining the will of the Lord you would have to be in a place that you could see him or have a letter or an epistle directed to your area. If you add all of that up it is a small small percentage of choice individuals that have had the opportunity to listen to the voice of a modern prophet! We are a unique bunch! What is sad is that the majority of the earth does not even know that a prophet of the Lord spoke yesterday! The opportunity to listen is greater than ever before with the Internet and satellite broadcasting and yet there are millions upon millions of people that have no idea that there is a prophet on the earth today! Therefore it becomes our opportunity and duty to "warn every man his neighbor" and let them know the good news! These people are our friends! Our family! And our brothers and sisters! We have found the pearl of great price, the answers to the very questions that have plagued humanity since the beginning, questions such as "What is the purpose in life?" "Where did I come from?" "Where am I going?" "Is death the end?" and most importantly "How can I know?"! We have that! The answer to the last one was demonstrated this weekend in fact that we have a Prophet! Now it is our turn to share these answers with those that "are kept from the truth only because they know not where to find it." That, as President Monson stated in Priesthood session, is our watchword in this church! I encourage all of you to go and bring those you love back into the fold!

Conference really is the best thing ever on a mission! And what makes it even better is the opportunity to watch it with those you come to love! We were able to watch conference with those that we have been teaching and helping for the past 4 months! It was really cool to hear their takes on conference and what it means to them! I love the people here and appreciate their hospitality towards us! They do so much for us as missionaries and as friends! I love this area and all that implies! I am looking forward to finishing the semester here and hope that we will be able to meet and help many more people come back or join the fold! 

It was a good week for us! Transfer week is always crazy and then, on top of that, we had ZLC and conference so that our Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were filled. It was still fantastic! It was the best ZLC I have been to on Friday being that I learned more then I think I have before at one of those meetings. President Killpack trained on Priesthood keys and I learned so much that I have never thought of before! It was great! We were also able to start teaching a new investigator! His name is Will and he is also on the football team. He was at Nicole's baptism being that they are friends and he had a good experience there. He and Nicole were talking later and she invited him to come to her lessons with us! She is such a great missionary already! I wish that I was as good as her at it! Ha-ha But the lessons went well! There was a great feeling in the few lessons that we were able to have with him! Hopefully he will continue to progress as he finds the truthfulness of the things that he was taught and the spirit he felt! Some other good things are what are happening with the people we have been teaching! Tyler is going to receive her patriarchal blessing tonight!! We are so excited for her! Tashena will be receiving hers next week!! And Nicole will be getting hers before the month is finished!! It is so exciting! Larry and Nicole both were able to get their temple recommends this week and both will be attending this week for the first time! I am so excited for them! It is cool to see all of this that is happening right now! I love it! There is no greater joy then to see your friends find true happiness and fully embrace it!

That will be all for right now! We are looking forward to a good week ahead of us and hope it is the same for all of you!

Elder Banner

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