Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 2nd, 2013

What a week!! This was one of the best weeks of my life! Oh I love this area! So this week is transfers (which are why this email is late) and...................Elder Clark and I are staying one more!! I am so excited!

That means that the two of us will finish the semester here! The other big news about transfers is that they are combining our zone with the Mount Graham Zone so our zone just became one of the biggest in the mission and we are the zone leaders over the entire Gila Valley!! It will be pretty crazy as we have some missionaries that we will probably need to work with a little bit. But it will be good! I am so excited!

It has been such a fantastic week! Again, I will not be able to talk about hardly anything because there was so much but I will talk about the most important things and the highlights of the week!

Larry and Nicole were baptized this week!!!!! They were such great experiences! Nicole's baptism was first on Saturday and was a great service! There were lots of people there and it was so cool! Salena gave a really good talk on baptism and the Holy Ghost using only her scriptures and one note card! She is practicing for when she goes on her mission. After that, Elder Clark had the opportunity to baptize Nicole and it was great! After that Elder Franzen and I spoke about the Book of Mormon while they changed! It was so cool because there were quite a few people there who are not yet on this great team, (our friends of other faiths)! It was a great experience to see how happy she was and how excited she is for everything to come! It is a really cool feeling to see someone who has become one of your best friends gets baptized! I have seen it a few times now and it is always amazing! Larry's baptism followed later on Saturday night! That was a good one as well and Cameron and Blaine gave some really good talks that really brought the spirit in! It was funny because Larry was so nervous and excited! It is not an emotion that we have seen with him all that often! Ha-ha It was good as he was baptized! The Spirit was so strong and it was really awesome! Afterword’s he told us, "I feel lighter and so much happier!" It is so cool!

Sunday was another good day! What an Easter! I love Easter but being out on a mission makes it so much better! The opportunity to go and teach about and remember Christ like we have the opportunity to will probably never happen again! It was so cool! We were able to have 4 Easter programs on Sunday! And we sang hymn 200 in every single one! 4 for 4! Ha-ha It was so cool! It was such a cool day! And what better time to be baptized and confirmed then on Easter weekend! It was really cool on Sunday because both Larry and Nicole were confirmed in the 4th sacrament into 1st ward! So we were able to sit through 3 sacraments and then have that opportunity! It was so cool! 

I was privileged to be able to confirm Nicole! That was such a cool experience! Being in the circle of a confirmation is really cool and really spiritual but actually being the voice was fantastic! It is funny because it was almost a year ago when I was able to confirm Danielle! This is a good time of year! Ha-ha It was a really cool feeling to give that blessing; and I don't remember anything that was said! I was hoping for that because that means that it wasn't me speaking! There was a really cool moment after church when Nicole came up to talk to me about the blessing and told me a really cool experience she had with it. I guess that she has been stressing about school recently and she was going to ask us to give her a blessing a week or so ago for help with school. She decided against it for whatever reason but was still worried about it! She said that it was a huge testimony boost to her as I was confirming her because I randomly, in the middle of the blessing, just started talking about school and how she will get help for school from the Spirit! it was so cool! I love this church! The Church is true!! I love it!

There was so much more this week; like learning the (white man) Haka from Adam, having some good lessons with Tyler, and tons of other cool stuff but that will be it for this letter!

Till after general conference!! Watch it this weekend!!

Elder Banner

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