Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19, 2012

Hey everyone,

I'm going to start off saying that this email is going to be short. I injured my wrist so I am typing with one hand. I was running real fast, the Lord needed to humble me so I tripped and hit a brick wall at full speed, I think my wrist is just sprained but I think I'll go to the MTC doctor today and make sure that is it because I want this to get better as soon as possible so I can continue signing. It is ok because it is my left wrist so I can still do most things.

Ok, one thing I have to mention is an amazing spiritual experience we had on Thursday. One of our teachers, Sister Holland (I love her, she's amazing), was teaching us how to sign our testimonies in blue box, which is signing to those who do not know sign language, basically acting it out. Yes, it sounds way hard and it is! We didn't understand how to do this so she decided to share her's with us about the atonement. Words cannot describe nor writing accurately depict what we saw. I have heard prophets and apostles bear their testimonies of the atonement all my life but it has never been that real to me. When blue boxing you become who you are telling a story about. That was exceptionally true for this experience! It was no longer Sister Holland sitting in front of us but it was Christ! It was Him that was suffering, in agony as He took on our sins. It was Him that looked around into each of our eyes, taking our burdens upon him and returned only love to us! It was Him who looked me in the eye, took my burden on His back and staggered with the weight, and continued to stare at me with overwhelming love yet also sadness in His eyes! It was Him that was dragged away, whipped, pieced with thorns, and crucified! I shuddered with each hammer stroke as the pounded the nails into His hands! It was Him that while on the cross looked us in the eye again with overwhelming love! It was the most amazing experience, and only sign language Elders and Sisters do that. It is my goal to get as good as she is, or even close! No one can explain how that was done and that is what made it amazing!

I also learned how cool it is to be an ASL missionary this week! There are, at any given time, about 50 of us in the world. Compare that to the 50,000 + missionaries out there and that we are quite a small percentage! I love that I was called to ASL, a few weeks ago I had no idea how to teach with my hands but now it is hard not to! I bore one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever born yesterday and that was only with one hand! I can't believe how far I have progressed with the language! If this wasn't God's work there is no way I would be learning this fast! I still have forever in here but I am actually kind of excited to stay here an extra week!

Well, my time is far past gone, sorry I type slow with one hand.

I love you all and miss you but I would not be anywhere else!

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