Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 25th, 2012

Hey Everyone,

7 weeks down! 3 to go!

So this week was the same as every other week here! But, I will talk about some things that happened that were not totally normal. Elder Sweeten and Elder Walker left this week! It was weird to see them leave especially because I was here a month before Elder Walker even got here! It was interesting because it wasn't hard to say goodbye. It was harder to say I'll see you in a month when Elder Sweeten left from home to the MTC, than it was now to say I'll see you in two years! This is just an example of how a mission changes your perspective on things! I know that when we all get back it will be as joyous as the reunion of Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah as found in Alma Chapter 17!

Ok, so last week I wrote about hurting my wrist, it should be fine. It was just a really bad sprain, it still hurts to sign but it is getting better. Bad news on the Sister in my district that hurt her wrists though, she might be going home because of it. It is sad.

Ok so this week we practiced interpreting while our teacher read from a book. He would read and we would interpret for our other teacher that was deaf. This doesn't sound like anything special but the reading material is what made it crazy! The book that was chosen for us was, 'Jesus The Christ'. If anyone has ever read that book before you can understand the enormity of this challenge! The book is hard enough to understand in English, translating it was insane! But it was finally something that I was the best at in class! I was good because I actually understood what was being said and I was able to interpret the meaning! If you haven't read that book I would highly suggest it! It is amazing!

Something else that happened this week that was different actually happened about an hour ago. Two of our teachers came with us to the temple this morning, because they are both deaf, we were able to do the endowment in ASL. It was really interesting seeing the perspective in ASL. I understood most of it!

We are now to the point that people are getting ready to leave from our district. One of the sisters, Sister Cardita, is going to serve on Temple Square so she is leaving this week. The last time we will see her is on Sunday. My companion will leave on Monday, which means I will be part of a tri-companionship for a week until all the others leave except for Elder Waldron and me. It is going to be really different without these missionaries. Since I have come here I have spent basically 24/7 with them! It is amazing how close all of us are.

Well I love you all! I appreciate the letters and Dear Elders! Thanks for all you do!

-Elder Banner

When life gets too hard to stand, kneel. - Anon.

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