Monday, February 13, 2012

Out in the field!

Elder Josh arrived today in Arizona!  He was scheduled to call at six am this morning so we all woke up early and waited patiently by the phone.  Much to my dismay, no phone call.  I went to work and held my phone right next to me.  I got a phone call for about one minute.  He said that they were running late getting to the airport and after making sure that all of the missionaries that he was in charge of were set, there was not any time to call.  A kind lady that has a missionary out sat by him on the plane.  She asked him if he was able to call home and when she heard that he was not able to talk to us she told him to use her phone and call me.  He did but I don't think he felt that comfortable because it was one quick conversation!  He did say he is happy and is so excited to get out there and serve.  It was so good to hear his voice!  I miss that kid!!

I actually got more from the missionary mom that he sat by on the plane.  She sent a text to me latter and said," I sat by your son on the airplane.  What an amazing elder.  He is so cute.  His face radiated excitement.  I have a son who is serving in Brazil.  I know how much I love it when I hear from people who have seen Breydan.  He will be an amazing missionary". 

I will post something when we hear something!  Have a great day!!!

Liz ~

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