Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 28, 2012

It is up over 80 degrees down here and everyday is a beautiful sunny day!

I love Tucson! I really do and I am so glad I am here! One of the coolest things about Tucson is all the cool cars that are down here! It is kind of a retirement community so there are a lot of nice cars! We have seen two Lamborghini Gallardo’s and one Lamborghini Mercia logo. We have also seen a Ferrari Enzo and I think the most common cars are mustangs and cameros with corvettes close behind!! Also the sunsets are beautiful!  

It has been an interesting week once again and we had some great things happen this week! First, we got a new investigator, usually that is not that big of a deal but to get a deaf investigator is huge! He is really interested and even though we have only met with him once we are excited to have him! Hopefully something good will come out of meeting him and we can help him come unto Christ!

Also, I am still trying to get used to being with deaf people all the time! We had dinner with some deaf people this week in public and it was an interesting experience. The deaf sister is actually very good at speaking and she speaks when she signs. She is so good that last week when I met her I thought she was hearing for awhile. But she does not have any volume control. When she is in public because she doesn't know how loud she needs to speak for people to hear her, so she was speaking pretty loudly and we had a lot of people look at us (which is actually really common now as we are always looked at by everyone being missionaries. I don't know why but everyone seems to look at us). It was great and I really liked eating with those sisters, they were super nice and the place we ate was amazing!

This week I had the opportunity to interpret the institute devotional. It is crazy that I have really only been signing for a couple months and I am now sitting in the front and interpreting the whole meeting! It was crazy, but Elder Bradley said that I actually did really well. I have found that I am ok when I am signing or when I am interpreting voice to sign but I am not very good at understanding sign. It is hard for me and I feel terrible when I have to ask people to sign it a second time! But I am getting better and hopefully soon I will be able to understand them with no problems.  I really like interpreting at the institute for Reggie because it means that we get to go to institute 3 times a week and learn there too! Being that I have never been to institute before,  it is a good experience.

We are trying a lot of new things to get some new investigators and really move the work along in the ASL branch. Last year they had 4 baptisms into the ASL Branch and though that is not bad Elder Bradley and I think we can do a lot better so we are going to try our hardest to find more people to teach. We bought a big map that we hung on the wall and we have all these little color dots that we are color coding the city with. Teaching in ASL is different because we generally have to simplify the message even more than the other missionaries. I love teaching in ASL but it is frustrating because it feels like we don't get all the work done that we could. We really do work all day, and work hard, but a lot of our day is driving from place to place so it doesn't feel like we do as much. I am glad that I am here and actually doing work though. It is so much better here than in the MTC.

I love my companion and I love my district and zone! I get along with everyone so well and we have fun every p day doing sports and lunch and stuff! It is a good thing Elder Bradley is so cool because I will probably be his companion until he leaves at the end of Oct. But I do like him and we get a lot done together!  I don't really know what else to say at this point but I love you all and I miss you!

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