Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 6, 2012

It has been a very good week and we have hit upper 80's!

It has actually been a pretty good week! I really love it here in Tucson, but it is not anything I am used to! Because most deaf people rely a lot on, or are fully on government help, they generally do not live in the best parts of town. There are always exceptions and deaf people can be very successful if they want, but a lot of them don't try to get jobs or anything. Because of this most, of the places we go to are not places that I would plan on living. In most of the neighborhoods we go to there are always bars on the windows, rough people walking around, and we have seen like 6 drug busts. Also we have seen people get arrested and hearing sirens is a common thing now. There is also a police helicopter that we see circling all the time at night (though generally not anywhere near where we are at night because we don't go into those neighborhoods after dark. We stick to places and people we know after dark.). And last night, as I was shutting the window at our apartment, I heard some gun shots in the distance! It is sketchy sometimes down here. But don't worry, we are very safe and everyone is pretty nice to us. We can feel guardian angels sometimes.

Well, I have a few things to report really fast, I have no time as always. First we had a great day yesterday! It was stake conference which was amazing. There were so many great talks, but the best part was we had two of our three investigators show up for church!!! That is HUGE! Our new investigator showed up and sat Elder Bradley and I. We could tell he had a good time! And the best part of that is how their Branch has fellowshipped him! It was awesome and he had a lot of people sign to him and introduce themselves.  We even had one couple who invited him, and us, to go to dinner tomorrow and to also have a lesson with them! Getting a lesson with deaf members present is a pretty big deal down here! Our other investigator came with the Agardys (a family that Elder Bradley got very close to in his last area and they have now pretty much adopted me as a missionary, I love them and they help us out so much!) and she had a good experience there, she is a very solid investigator and hopefully we can meet with her a couple more times before she leaves for a trip to Greece later this week. Anyway, it was a huge day for our work and hopefully a lot of good will come out of them attending church!

Also, we went tracking for the first time this week! Tracking for deaf people is very different and we only meet two deaf people. One was Catholic, and one was into some weird Asian religion, and neither was interested.  We did run into a lady while we were looking for deaf people, we were lead by the spirit to her house,  and we gave pretty much the whole first lesson right on the doorstep. We also gave her a book of Mormon and she committed to read it, we both knew she was ready to learn about this gospel. But being she is not deaf so we will not be teaching her, but she will be a great investigator for someone else!

We also went to the CES fireside last night to interpret for one of our members! That was a great meeting and Quinton L. Cook gave a great talk about not wearing masks and not being a two faced people. I am out of time but I think they put it on the web after so you can check it out if you want!

Well, we are slowly starting to make some progress down here! I love you all!

Elder Banner

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