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March 27th, 2012

March 27, 2012

I fulfilled one of my childhood dreams this week, but first…

It was a very interesting week. We did not have as much actual missionary work (finding, teaching, baptizing) as usual this week but we still had plenty of stuff that we needed to do! It has been a good week!

First, weather is now into the 90's but even with that, in our many wandering (with a purpose) this week we found snow in Tucson!! Who knew! It was very cold in comparison to everything else around here!

Last week we did exchanges and I went with Elder King for a day in the Escalante Ward. What happens is that I went to their apartment and his companion goes to our place on the night before. We stay the night and do work the next day. It was really interesting being like a normal missionary! I really liked it! I used a bike and we went probably 15 miles in that one day (my butt has been pampered from riding in the truck  and was very sore by the end of that day). It was amazing teaching in English and we taught some great lessons.  We committed one of their investigators to baptism! It was a great experience and I learned a lot!

Meanwhile, our investigator Danielle is slowing learning and progressing but she is very solid. She reads the BOM everyday and she is going to church now! We love her very much!

Our other investigator Daniel had a baptism date scheduled for this Saturday, but he feels like that is too fast so the baptism has been postponed....bummer.....but he is still really interested and  wants to be baptized.  He will be ready and hopefully we get him wet soon!!

I am getting more and more used to all the missionary responsibility that we have. We have no time for anything personal (besides study in the morning) but I can deal with it a little better.  I do feel bad for struggling to write everyone back but I will get better! Thank you for the letters. I am getting used to being in the Branch Presidency and I really like President Krakowiak! He is very nice although he really does not know how to be a branch President. He does everything he needs to but he hasn't been a member of the church for that long!  I forget to assign people to give talks in sacrament this week (I am in charge of that and conducting this month) so me and Elder Bradley gave the talks. It was very different giving a talk in sign,  I was so nervous which is weird being that public speaking has always come naturally to me.  I was told that I gave a great talk so hopefully they weren't just being nice!

Ok, back to the fulfillment of one of my childhood dreams.  This week we went with Elder King and Elder Bowen to a few of their members’ houses so Elder King could say goodbye as he is transferring. We got to the Murphy house and I can't remember how it got brought up but they mentioned that they have a thing which they call "companion inventory" (funny for missionaries) where they help missionaries get their anger against their companion out. What it entails is dressing in full armor (Full metal breastplates, shoulder plates, greaves (for the legs) and gloves with shields and everything).  Then we beat the crap out of one another as if in medieval warfare. I was thinking they were kidding until they brought it all out. They do that for fun as a family which is really strange but we were happy about it. So we did it! Elder Bowen and Elder King went first and fought for quite awhile. Elder King came out as the winner. You win a match by hitting either the head or the chest hard enough that it would kill the person if we were using real swords instead of the pipe-like ones we had. After they were done me and Elder Bradley did it and we had a very good time! It took lot more energy than any of us thought it would.  I ended up winning but only by one point!  It was awesome! We are bruised everywhere and Elder Bradley hurt his right arm pretty bad.  I was hit in the leg real hard (in the only spot there wasn't armor) and it hurts to walk. But it was awesome!  Check out our pictures!

That's about it for this week’s report!  Hope all is well,

Elder Banner

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