Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 13, 2012

It has actually been a really great week! But it has been weird as well. It is allergy season here in Tucson and I am dying! I have the worst allergy's I have ever had! There is so much pollen and dust in the air! But it’s ok; I'm not alone with it.

Another weird thing that I've noticed is my diet is changing. I eat cereal for breakfast now which is weird; I also don't mind salad anymore among other things. I think my parents will laugh at this. 

We have had a lot of work this week! We are getting things done! We went to a baptism on Wednesday, Elder Bradley and I were the speakers and it was a great experience. Unfortunately, none of our investigators were able to come to that. Two of our investigators are progressing very well; one of them is still struggling a bit. Two of our investigators are going out of town this next week, so we are going to have to find people. But we have had some great lessons with our other investigator and he accepted a baptism date last night!! I am so excited! This is the investigator we found like three weeks ago and when I asked him last night, he said yes.  I had to use all the self control I had not to start jumping up and down! He is awesome! He is more active than a lot of our members, he comes to church and participates in the discussion and he loves being at church and with the members. Yesterday at church he invited us and one of our members named Reggie to go to his house for dinner! We did and it was amazing! It was very authentic Mexican food, taco’s with goat cheese and habanera salsa! Him and Reggie are actually really good friends now.

We also had zone training on Friday which was great. I learned a lot from President and Sister Killpack and the APs. It was a long meeting but we got a lot of great ideas to do work.

Well it has been a great week! We have been so busy but it has been great!

Until next week,

Elder Banner

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