Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012

I had my first encounter with some Jehovah's Witnesses yesterday, but I'll get to that in a minute. It has been a slow week this week (slow by our standards), two of our investigators were gone on vacation this week and there were a lot of things that take a lot of time but don't really get us anywhere that we had to do.

 On Monday we went down to Sierra Vista with the Agardy family (basically my home away from home down here) to go bowling and do some fun stuff down there. While we were gone we lent our truck to our district leader and his companion. While they were driving they got hit by a jeep so now our truck has a huge dent in the rear of the driver’s side.

 On Tuesday we went in and got an estimate (all four of us), and it will be about $2,600 to repair. Just in case you want to know where your tithing is going! Ha ha!  That took most of Tuesday between getting the estimate and running back and forth to the mission office to speak with the vehicle coordinator.

Wednesday, we had a sick day because both me and Elder Bradley were feeling terrible! It was nice to get some extra sleep and some study time but being that sick was terrible.  Elder Bradley is doing fine now, I don't feel great but we are doing stuff again. We went up to the Gila Valley this weekend to see some referrals.  Nothing came out of the referrals but it was a fun road-trip and we had a good time with the elders that we stayed with up there. We also went and walked around the Gila Valley temple on Friday night and it is gorgeous! It is small but it is beautiful, and I'll send pictures soon.

 Our investigator Daniel is moving along great!  I am so excited for his baptism on the 31st! He is great and he feeds us every Sunday! We still have a lot to teach him but he is ready to learn and very receptive.  He is more active than some of the members and loves going to church and participating in church! We are so grateful that we have him!

 Ok,  so the meeting with the JW's............. in church on Sunday we found out that one of our members has been meeting with some JW's and she wasn't going to church that day because she had a meeting with them at ten. She is a sweet old lady and really doesn’t understand what is going on. She is deaf but she really doesn’t sign, we just have to do a lot of gesturing and body language to communicate, and she can speak a little Spanish.  Elder Bradley and I grabbed Elder Hughes and Elder Cavanaugh (Spanish speaking elders) and the four of us left church to go visit her at ten. As we pulled up, the JW's were walking up to the door. The look on their faces was priceless as they saw the four of us pull up! I read the lips of one of them, (I am starting to be able to do that now, I think the deaf people are rubbing off on me), and she was like 'What are they doing here?'  We had to flip around so they were already in the house by the time we were able to get over there, but it was so funny when she opened the door for us and invited us in. Our member was there as well as a lady in our ward named Alice (I love her, her and her husband Elwin feed us every Tuesday and they are just amazing people and so nice) and the two JW's and four LDS missionaries. We really didn't say much to them at all but we just stood there at the back of the room while they tried to sign to our member. The JW's actually knew sign and Spanish so they were able to communicate with her ok. We could tell that they felt really awkward with us there but we didn't say anything. We didn't have to because our other member Alice was doing it for us. She was awesome! She kept telling them that they were wrong and their church was wrong and we had the truth here and everyone in the room but the two of them knew the actual truth. There was one part where the JW's said that they believed what they were saying was true and Alice said, “Your wrong and your church is wrong and the devil is tricking you.”  (have to love how blunt deaf people are) and then she turned to me, Elder Bradley, and Elder Cavanaugh because he can sign too and said. “Tell them about Joseph Smith! Tell them about how the Devil is tricking them.”  It was funny and an awesome experience. The JW's invited both of the ladies to church and then left and we visited with them for a while and explained some things. Our member didn't understand that they were from a different church.

Well things here are going pretty well. I love you all!

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