Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 25, 2012

Hello everyone,

Ok, so this week we have had some interesting changes.

One big change we had was with our car situation. Last week I wrote that we had a new truck that was super nice, big and fun to drive. Well, we had that truck for about 20 hours.... ha-ha. Sad news, we had to give it up.  We only had 11 seats to transport 16 Elders so that was not going to work! So they decided to give us the Van!! Now we drive a minivan! Yep!  A 2011 Dodge caravan! And the best part is......WE LOVE IT!! It is so roomy! It has a great sound system (yes in a minivan)! And it really is the fastest vehicle in the mission! It is actually really cool and we really enjoy it! Although we feel super gay whenever we have to back it up in a crowded parking lot or when we get in, just the two of us! Ha-ha. But such is mission life!

The biggest change this week has to do with our responsibilities though. addition to our normal missionary work, and running the branch, and being a gopher for the other missionaries in the zone, we are also taking over about half of the YSA (Young Single Adult) ward on this side of Tucson!!! There are about 250 members of that YSA ward, so now we are going to be part of that as well! It will be so much extra work but we are super excited! It is going to be a nice change to talk with people our own ages (or closer than 65-80 that we are used to ha-ha)!  Elder Christiansen (one of the AP's) talked to us about this on Tuesday during transfers and we were excited.  After that we spoke with President Killpack for awhile about it on Wednesday and Thursday and we were even more excited! So at first our job was going to be to work with some of the members, and mostly the less active members, and then pass on any referrals to the other missionaries.  But then, when we were meeting with the other missionaries on Saturday, to decide what our area would be, Elder Stringer informed us that he spoke to President Kilpack that morning and he had decided to do something a little different! So now Elder Bradley and I will get some of that ward and we will be completely in charge of it! If we get a referral we get to teach them! I am so excited! Teaching in English is now sooooo easy! Hopefully we can get some good work done here!

It is such a blessing that we are able to do this! We were very quickly running out of things to do (and the motivation to do them) with the ASL recently! Summer is a hard time for everyone but especially for the branch! Most of the branch goes out of town on vacations and work for the summer so our already tiny little numbers shrink even more! On Sunday we had 12 people (14 including us)! It was crazy! Our Branch President is still on vacation in Utah so once again I was presiding and conducting the sacrament meeting! And due to the fact that we don't have many members to call on right now, me and Elder Bradley spoke in Sacrament....again! Ha-ha. Sundays are no longer a day of rest for us! Ha-ha. By the end of the day on Sunday I about collapse when we walk in the door! And with it being as hot as it is, it doesn't lesson that tiredness any! Ha-ha

Well that is short, but it is what I have for this week!

Elder Banner

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