Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I have now officially been out for more than 6 months!! I am no longer considered a greeny!!

It has been an interesting week! We are still working our tails off and every night I collapse when we get home but we are seeing a lot of success come out of it! We found another new investigator this week! His name is Joe, he is an amazing guy that really loves helping people and just a really good guy! He has a friend that he has been taking care of for the last 40 years!! This friend has terrible health and Joe has been doing everything for him for such a long time! It is crazy! Joe seems like a very good investigator, he doesn't work on Sundays which is awesome but being he has to take care of his friend sometimes he gets busy on Sundays. Hopefully we can teach him everything ASAP!  That is a miracle for us, one of many that keep popping up!  

Since we have been working our tails off and we really didn't have a P-day last week (I was an idiot and I scheduled an appointment on the other side of Tucson right in the middle of our P-day) we have been running on empty this week. We needed a break, and one showed up!
Thursday was my 6th month mark and the Agardy family threw me a party! I love them! They are so good to us! Since I am no longer a greeny she wanted to do something “green”. She said that we couldn't do an Irish thing because missionaries can't drink! haha Anyways she decided on a “green card” party (we are in Tucson).  We all put on mustaches, ate a bunch of nachos and enchiladas and had a great time! It was us, the Agardy's, and they invited the Zone Leaders Elder Scoratto and Elder Rusk. Fun side note, we are actually super close with the zone leaders now! They are Spanish Elders and they don't get fed every night like a lot of the English Elders so when they don't have a dinner they call us and we meet for some missionary home cooking. We've gone teaching a few times with them and we are going to go mountain biking with them sometime soon! Anyways the party was so much fun! It felt good to be normal again and just have some fun! They do so much for us and all of the stress and the exhaustion just melted away while we were sitting there with all of them talking! Of course that only lasted about an hour and a half but that is what made it possible for us to make it to today! haha 

It has been interesting doing all that we are doing now! This week I did 4 door approaches using the Spanish I remember from seventh grade! haha That is always an interesting experience! I am actually starting to understand what they are saying if they talk super slow!  Three referrals came out of that and.......the other missionaries called me and said that they went over to one of the referrals and are now teaching the entire family of 5!!! I was so happy about that!! I was very surprised that those people understood what I was saying and that they were interested enough to actually talk to the other missionaries! We have been planting lots of seeds lately! We have been tracting a lot and though we haven't been finding many deaf people we have found 8 good referrals for other missionaries! We are getting some good experiences and stories! haha I wish I had more time to write about things but we have to run and get some stuff done before sports so I will end this letter by saying I love you all and I hope things are going as good for you as they are for us down here!

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