Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 15 , 2012

This was a really fun week! This week, I went on an exchange with Elder Kim! It was way fun! Elder Kim is from South Korea, he was in the YSA ward with me the last two transfers and then he was moved into my district this transfer! It was so fun! It felt really good to be in an English area and do things differently! I loved it! It was nice to be out on a bike and it wasn't even that hot of a day! We got a lot done that day, we got them a new investigator, 3 new potential investigators, and committed 2 less actives to go back to church on Sunday! It was awesome!

We had some really fun and really cool experiences while we were there as well! We had dinner with a really nice family! They are both from West Jordan and live on base down here. We had Philly cheese steaks that were great and then we sat around and talked with them for awhile. They made cupcakes and, being that they are really good friends with Elder Kim, the sister told Elder Kim that she was going to throw a cupcake at him.  Elder Kim decided to call her bluff and dared her to do it. She didn't......then. About 5 minutes later she walked up behind him and smashed one in his face! It was so funny and definitely a first since I've been out here! And of course Elder Kim couldn't let that go so he, with the help of her husband, worked together to get her back! Anyways, it turned into a huge mess but it was so much fun! We did help them clean up!

After that we went with the husband to visit a less active family. When we showed up he told us that it wasn't a good time for us to visit. Elder Kim started to ask why and told him we could give him our number for a more convenient day but then he ended up letting us in. Long story short, he had lost his job that day because of a lady he worked with and the rumors she had started. We were able to talk with him, read some scriptures, and he calmed down a lot! It was a wonderful experience as we could see the difference from when we first came to the house and when we were leaving. We left him feeling somewhat peaceful. It was during that time that he and his wife said they would go to church! It was awesome!

I had another really interesting experience on Wednesday. Before district meeting I was a little hungry (forgetting breakfast will do that) so I decided to make a sandwich. I got everything out and ready and then I decided I wanted to put some honey on it. I got the honey out and realized that it was too hard to squeeze out of the bottle. No problem, a few seconds in the microwave can change that! So I put it in for 10 seconds thinking that would be good. What I didn't know is that my finger twitched and hit the 0 button twice. So instead of 10 seconds, it was a minute. After I hit start, I walked away to grab something, as I came back about 45 seconds later I realized it was still going! I was like Oh Crap! Ha-ha.   I ran over, and opened the microwave and three things happened in about a quarter of a second. 1) I saw that the little bear (bottle), which was holding my honey, had gained some weight.  He was now huge and bloated.   2) I had the thought, I should close the door. And I started too but......too late!   3) The bottle exploded!!! So as I was shutting the door the bottle exploded, spraying my face, my arms, my shirt and tie, and the kitchen with molten honey! The explosion was so loud that Elder Nelsen, who was reading a book on the couch in the next room........HEARD IT! Remember, he is DEAF! Ha-ha.   I stood in shock for a minute and then walked over to the other room and told him what happened. It is rare that I see someone laugh so hard! Ha-ha.   He then said, I was wondering what that was! So, I went and showered and proceeded to wash all of the scalding honey from my skin and Elder Nelsen started to clean the kitchen! It took two entire rolls of paper towels and a day and a half to finally clean everything up (the microwave needed a full roll to itself)!  I still have a few burns that are visible! So...lesson learned! Don't put honey in the microwave! Ha-ha

Also this week we had interviews with our mission president!   These interviews are a time that we have one on one interview with our mission president to talk about whatever we want. It was good to have that interview and talk about everything we are doing!

We also helped a lady move on Friday...from about 4 to 10! One thing that I have learned while I've been out here is that, for the most part, families have fewer things to move then single ladies living alone! Ha-ha.   It is also fun when you move everything that is in upstairs apartments and you have to move cabinets that weigh as much as the moon! Oh good fun!

We also had a Stake BBQ this week that was pretty fun! I never realized how big our stake is! It is huge! It was cool to see everyone there! I would talk about it more but we were only there for a few minutes because we went to a baptism that happened in the middle of it! The baptism was for the YSA and was for a girl that the missionaries have been teaching for a long time! Me and Elder Bradley got to know her through it and it was great to see her baptized! She came a long way! She was an atheist before and had a hard time excepting everything they taught but she kept going because she wanted to learn and it ended up being a great experience! She is awesome and she is super strong in the gospel (for a girl that was baptized on Saturday! ha-ha).

We also had dinner last night at the Fox family's house again.  They decided to have steak.....and a lot of it! They bought about 8 pounds of meat and told us we had to do our best to eat it! Ha-ha it was so good! I think I had about a pound and a half before I had to stop! That is along with a potato, a lot of broccoli, and two corn on the cob! Oh it was a wonderful dinner!! It is nice to have things like that!

That is my week! Hope yours was good as well!

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