Friday, October 26, 2012

October 23, 2012

One more transfer come and gone! I can't believe it! I can't believe it has already been six weeks with just me and Elder Nelsen! It is crazy! Things are going amazing here! It has been one of the craziest roller coaster weeks of my entire mission with some huge highs and some low lows! I have a few stories!

The first story happened last Monday night at the YSA FHE. We were playing dodge ball and it came down to Me, Elder Dineheart, and Elder Nelsen on a team against about 18 people on the other team, ya our team was struggling a little bit! ha-ha  Anyways, they were all making fun of us saying things like "Well, let’s see if they really are protected!" and things like that. We taught them the meaning of faith (and humility)! Ha-ha  Elder Nelsen ran and did a crazy move and got three people out really fast but on the last one he took a shot to chest and was out! That left me and Elder Dineheart against about 15 people! So we decided to go crazy! Long story short, after much throwing, hitting, yelling, and dodging, the two of us worked together and got every single one of them out! We then proceeded to gloat and laugh at them for their lack of faith! We'll get our humility lesson sometime soon! I thought it was funny and I felt awesome afterwards so I thought I would share! Ha-ha Elder Dineheart is now going to New Mexico to be a Zone Leader and I am rather upset with that! Ha-ha

We also had exchanges again this week and I went with Elder Call into the Palo Verde Ward! It was one of the best days ever! We worked our butts off and went like crazy! We had lots of crazy things happen that turned into some funny stories and we also had some great success! We ended up getting them two new investigators.  One of them that we had a good first lesson with, have already committed to baptism and are super excited about it! We also had dinner with the Stake President and his awesome family. After dinner, he and his wife came with us to the Paramos family. (See email from last week, it was the same less active family that we had a good lesson/experience with them) Once again we had another great lesson.  It was a lesson with us, the stake president and his wife, and the two of them! It was one of the greatest experiences ever! The Spirit and a feeling of love was so strong there! Results of that lesson are fantastic! The whole family went to church on Sunday. Way cool thing, the night after the exchange, Elder Kim and Elder Call went over again and two of the children (not members, 9 and 13) told them that they want to be baptized now! It was so wonderful! It is moments like these that make the mission worth all the bad stuff!

That night we also had a district party! We decided to have a little fun because we were all doing so well! We went over to a park and played glow in the dark Frisbee! Elder Kim has a Frisbee that has lights in it and we all had glow sticks on us! It was so much fun! I really loved this district! I can't decide if this was my favorite district or last transfer was my favorite! I loved them both! I am sad to see them leave now; with transfers today we are losing both Sister Waters and Sister Hallett and Elder Call! Hopefully this new district will be just as fun and hardworking! This district was great and in the three areas of my district this week we got 12 new investigators! That is huge!! And all of them are awesome!

The best part of this week is what happened in Elder Nelson and I’s finding efforts! We found 2 new FAMILIES this week! It is wonderful! One is a deaf women, her three (hearing) kids, and her fiancĂ© (also hearing but can sign like the kids!)! The other is a family of two deaf parents, three deaf children and one hearing child! It is wonderful! They are so nice and really, really good potentials! We are excited to start teaching them! It will be hard to contact them but we are expecting great things!

Sadly, this will be a short email due to transfers and us needing to go pick up other missionaries! But I hope that your week was as great as mine!!

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