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October 30, 2012

Sorry this is late, as you will see from the bottom yesterday was a pretty crazy day!

Post Transfers - Always an interesting time. The week after transfers is always interesting because you see the new missionaries to that area trying to figure out how the next 6 weeks will be! It is not a problem for us because we always stay in the same place, but it is still really interesting.  I was really upset about losing half of my district! We were all doing awesome but hopefully this new one will be great as well!

ASL Class - This week we had a real cool thing that happened with our ASL classes. On Tuesday we were teaching about the deaf culture, it was really interesting and was a lot of just question and answer for Elder Nelsen. What was cool about it was something I can't really explain. Elder Nelsen started talking about his life and how life was being the only deaf person in his entire city.  It was really cool.  He explained how hard it was and everything and it completely changed the class! It was weird but it felt like the class really kind of started to relate to him. I am sorry I can't explain it but it was a pretty cool experience.

Hippie Help - The most interesting thing that happened this week was the service we did for the "National Make A Difference Day" on Saturday. We went to help do some service at Lincoln Park down here. It was both the deaf branch and the YSA ward that were assigned to that area! It was really fun! Our project was to help make it look better by digging up some places where we would later plant trees, where they hopefully will not be destroyed! What was fun was that the people who were running it were some of the most tree hugging people I have ever met! Ha-ha The ones where you wonder if they shower everyday! It was so funny to hear them get up on their little soap boxes every time someone asked a question about anything they could relate to about saving the Earth. Now don't get me wrong, I am all for saving and preserving the Earth and everything but there is a difference between me and someone who has their water bottles made from plants (I'll send the picture) and also one that would yell at someone if they throw their cup in the trash instead of the recycle bin. It doesn't matter that both the trash and recycle are in identical giant metal trash cans and they are both identical white trash bags, oh no need to explain that to anyone...Everyone knows that! And we have it in our right to chew out any idiot that thinks otherwise. Right? Makes sense? Oh well, who is John Galt? Well........that idiot that got chewed out.......was me! Ha-ha I threw my cup in the wrong place and one of them yelled at me. I am not too proud of what followed as I told this individual to, "Go take your yearly shower and calm the heck down!" Not my proudest moment as a missionary but most of the YSA people that heard it came up to me after and told me that is why they love me! Ha-ha Anyways it was a good project, not how I would have done it, but we got it done! We got more done then they expected and they were pretty happy about that!

Primary Program - We went to the primary program in the Palo Verde ward on Sunday because Tamiko's (one of our members) kids were in it! The whole branch went and it was so nice to have that change! It has been a long time since I went to a family ward; I had forgotten just how....loud they are! Ha-ha I forgot what it is like to have kids crying and screaming! It was pretty awesome!  The Primary program was really good! I really enjoyed watching it! I was the interpreter for most of it, which was an interesting experience trying to keep up with all the little kids and their nervous, high and quick voices! But it was really fun! I felt a little bad that during a few of the songs it seemed that most of the people in the ward were watching me instead of the kids singing! But it was a good experience!

Lesson with Lino - We finally were able to have another lesson with Lino this week but it wasn't all too promising. He is listening to us but he seems unwilling to try and find out for himself if it is true. I'm not sure if we will continue to teach him if he is not ready to try it for himself.

District changing again - So the reason that this email is late is due to the fact that an Elder in my district decided to go home. On Sunday night, when I was doing the weekly calls, Elder Kim called me and told me that his companion was going home the next day (yesterday). That was interesting, this was an older missionary who had been out about 17 months, I'm not sure why he was going home, and I don't really need to know. So with that, we spent our P-day helping them out and getting them ready for that. I guess there was one positive thing that happened with this change though. The missionary who is going to replace him and be with Elder Kim in my district is Elder Ellison! Elder Ellison is awesome! He is from Logan and the two of us are defiantly going to party after the mission as well as have a good time here! I am excited to have the two of them together in my district!

Well that was this week! Hope all is well for you!

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