Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 3rd, 2012

How is it already Oct?! This is going so fast and seems to be going even faster! Crazy!

We had zone training on Thursday which was really good! I had to interpret the entire 4 hour meeting so; needless to say, I was super tired when it was over! Ha-ha I did have some breaks! Elder Nelsen doesn't want me to have carpal tunnel so he had me take breaks every hour or so! ha-ha.  But it was really good and it was perfect for the two of us as it goes with what we are going to teach this Sunday for combined RS and Priesthood!

Ok, on Thursday night we received a call that a deaf man in our apartment complex needed us to go over the next day and get rid of evil spirits that were in his house. We were ok with that! It is weird to be called as an exorcist! Ha-ha. So on Friday morning we went over there and we met one less-active member as well as two deaf people that I had never met before as well as the deaf man that lived there! It was cool! Anyways, we went inside and as soon as we were inside I could feel that something was most definitely not right there. It was a bad feeling! The guy told us that he had seen "ghosts" inside and he would hear them sing (he is more Hard or Hearing then deaf). Anyways we all kneeled down in prayer and then Elder Nelsen said a prayer and commanded the bad spirits to leave. As soon as he said amen the entire feeling of the room changed! The bad feeling was gone and it felt good again! Afterwards we talked to all the people there for awhile! One of the new deaf people I met is now rooming with the Less Active member and they invited us to come visit soon! And the other new deaf person is actually a very good possibility! Her in-laws are members and she started asking us some questions. Hopefully we will be able to see her again soon and hopefully start teaching her!

One other really interesting thing that happened on Saturday was I had my first contact with a blind and deaf person! It was pretty funny actually! We went to visit our investigator Jessica, she couldn't meet then, but as we were driving away Elder Nelsen smacks my arm and says, "Stop the Car"! I do and he says he sees deaf people so I parked the car and then we went and walked over to them! Joe, the husband, was a little nervous. I can't blame him! We look like cops and we had that whole "Stop the car" scenario. But we started signing to him (he had just got out of his car) and then he opened the passenger door and let out his wife Katie. She is the one that is deaf and blind! It was interesting because to communicate with her, she would hold onto our hands as we signed and she understood everything! Then she would sign normally to reply! It was really interesting to communicate with her! It was cool! They just moved here two weeks ago so we will go sometime soon to see and visit them!

We had an interesting day yesterday at the branch! We had an entire sign language class show up for their class. Which in and of itself was interesting! But through the sacrament we had one member get up and give one of the most unprepared talks I've ever heard. All this member did was read from preach my gospel about their topic and even that they didn't know what they were doing. It is hard to describe but let's just say it was one of those times that you wish your investigator DIDN'T come to church! It was awful! Also yesterday me and Elder Nelsen gave the lesson for combined RS and Priesthood about the branch and missionary work! To be honest, it was a fantastic lesson! And the two of us did really well with it! But we noticed some interesting things! One is that, for the majority of the branch, they aren't going to be fully into missionary work, some of them even were expressing doubts. It was kind of sad! But it was a good lesson! Hopefully we can really get the branch going with it!

Things are going pretty good! Numbers-wise, as always, it doesn't look like are doing too much but it actually is going pretty good! That was our week!

Elder Banner

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