Sunday, February 17, 2013

February 10th, 2013

Hello again!! I can’t believe that it is already Monday again! I have no idea where this week went but at the same time as I tried to remember what happened this week I was shocked that Zone conference was this week! It feels like so long ago! I can’t believe it! Ha-ha

But it was a good week this week! Most of the things we did are hard to explain over email though! We will start with Zone Conference this week. We had that on Tuesday and we had our zone (Gila Valley) and the Mount Graham Zone and the New Mexico zone all there for this one! It was actually a really good zone conference and I learned a lot! Elder Clark and I were very involved in this zone conference being that we had to train two different times and then our zone was able to sing a song as well. It was good though! Our first training (the one we remembered we were training on) was to the entire group and went really well! It went better then both of us thought it would. Our second one (we completely forgot to prep for it) was a longer one just to our zone. Now that is fine, we can wing it for them pretty easy but the problem originated when President Killpack decided to join us…. Good thing we prepared! Ha-ha but it actually went alright as well! Hopefully they all learned something!

Tashena is doing amazing! We are so excited for her baptism on Saturday! It is going to be great! We had some really good lessons this week with her! We had one about Patriarchal Blessings that was really cool and we had one yesterday about temples that was really fun! To show how prepared she came I'll share with you a little about that lesson. We had given her D&C 109 for her reading assignment which is the dedicatory prayer of the Kirtland temple! She understood it and we had a really cool discussion about it. She even asked a question that Elder Clark and I didn't know how to answer because we didn't know where in the scriptures the answer was found. Thank goodness we had one of our members there that was able to answer it! She really is awesome and we are super excited for everything that will happen!
Larry we are not sure what is happening with him. He is still struggling trying to figure out what to do. We had some good lessons with him this week but he didn't come to church yesterday. But we are hoping he will be able to next week! Also working with Tyler has been going well! We were able to have many lessons with her this week and are seeing some real progress! It is amazing to watch her because she wants to learn so badly! Things are going well with that!

This week has been really fun due to the fact that it was Elder Clark's birthday yesterday and Elder Dinehearts birthday on Wednesday! Because of that the four of us had some fun parties this week! We had lunch on Wednesday for Elder Dinehearts birthday, a family in Elder Dinehearts ward invited us all over to have a party on Friday night, and some of our members had us and Elder Dineheart over on Saturday night to celebrate as well! It was super fun! I loved it! 

Oh there is so much more I want to talk about! Including having lunch with a guy that me and Elder Clark need to develop charity for (meaning we both wanted to kill him). He was super annoying and WOULD NOT SHUT UP!! For example.....he asked Elder Clark what his favorite animal was and after he answered this kid who I will not name spent five minutes arguing (without opposition) why he (E. Clark) was wrong! Oh man I am proud of us for not even raising our voices with him. Ha-ha Good times!

We will call that good for today!

Till next time!
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