Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 19th, 2013

It has been a crazy week!! I doubt that I will be able to write a lot about half of what we did this week but I will try!

 We will write by topic so this can go quicker!

 Today is transfer day! That is why this email is so late. It has been a long day. We had most of our zone move. Elder Clark and I are staying but most of the rest of the zone is leaving! Also Elder Dineheart is going home! That saddens me. Because of all of this I am so tired!! I hope I will still be able to write a good email!
 Now I am going to talk about Larry. Larry is still doing really well! He is still kind of like a roller coaster. He has made some amazing leaps this week and we were able to have a good lesson with him a few times; he was able to come to a baptism this week that he really liked! Other than that he is still struggling with finding a place to go play football and everything. 

We have been still teaching Tyler! She is great! She is learning and growing so much that it is crazy! We were able to have a lesson with her and with Bishop Bluth this week that was really cool! It was a real cool lesson and had a special spirit there! She was able to ask some of the most profound questions ever! Such as, "How do I know if what I am doing is right or wrong?" and "Would it be possible for someone like me to ever get to the temple again and what are those steps?" It was funny! After those questions and lots of others she said, "Wow..every answer is in this little blue book [Book of Mormon]." It was awesome! It really has an answer for every question!

 This week was valentine’s week....... Let me tell you.....Valentines in a full singles ward area is terrible!! We had absolutely nothing to do on the 14th and the entire rest of the weekend was super slow also! On Valentine’s Day they did have a seminar that we got to go to; but this time is was all about dating.... Yep! Fun stuff for a missionary! The whole time I was thinking, "Ten more months! Ten more months!" ha-ha it was crazy! They also had a Valentine’s Day dance on Saturday that we helped setup for! Not a good time to be here as a missionary! Ha-ha But it was all good! The other thing that didn't help is that it was also a three day weekend! Everyone goes home for those times! It is pretty crazy!

 We also had a really cool little miracle that happened. This week we have been trying to find new people and have been striking out! We were over at one of our ward mission leader’s house and he explained something that really helped him out on his mission that we decided to give a try! It is called purification. The whole point is that we need to "purify" ourselves and get rid of the things that we do wrong that keeps the spirit away from us. We have a 24 hour fast and during that day we think and write down everything that we are doing that is not conducive to the Spirit. After we break the fast we then "fast" from all of those things for 40 days and then finish with another 24 hour fast. So we started on Sunday. Saturday night we started our fast and then Sunday started really doing it. It is amazing how many things came to mind that I need to change. So we did all this and then broke our fast around 5:25 Sunday night and started our dinner at 5:30. At about 5:35 our phone starts vibrating! Yep! Good referral that is pretty solid! This stuff works! I am so excited to see what continues to happen! This is going to be great!

The last thing that needs special mention is the best part of the week. All of these are one thing with Tashena. The first thing is that we were able to have a lesson with her out on the temple grounds! It was so fun!! It was amazing to be able to teach about the temple with her while sitting there! There is a special feeling there that is unlike any other! She was really impressed and loved the lesson and is looking forward to the time (she wants to go next week) to the time that she can go! She loves that families can be together forever and the grave cannot take families away! Also......TASHENA WAS BAPTISED ON SATURDAY!!! It was the most amazing thing ever!  It was one of the most, if not the most, spiritual baptism that I have ever been too! Anther miracle happened; Tashena's family just decided to come down for Saturday even though she had not told them the day that she was getting baptized yet! So, seemingly by accident (if you believe in such a thing! Especially with this work), her parents were able to come all the way from Window Rock and were able to attend her baptism!! it was a great thing for all of us! Especially for her parents! I think that it was a spiritual sucker punch that they were not expecting! Anyways the entire thing was great! LennaKay (her friend) gave a great talk that tied in the Navajo culture and everything as well as the importance of Baptism and the Holy Ghost! We also had a great musical number that was super spiritual! After that she was baptized and then we (Elder Clark and I) were able to give a short lesson on the Book of Mormon while she was changing. But the best was yet to come! Tashena got up and bore her testimony after she came back out and it blew us all away!! It was one of the most impressive testimonies I have ever heard! I am not able to antiquity describe it now because of time but it is in my journal and is amazing! It was such a cool thing! The church is true! People can truly change with this gospel and it is amazing to see the extra happiness that it brings! Also she was able to receive the Holy Ghost on Sunday and it was an amazing experience! She was a different person that night when we had a lesson then she was that morning! She was almost literally glowing! It was amazing!

The Church is True!

That is it for now!

Elder Banner

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