Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 6th, 2013

Hello everyone! Another transfer here and gone! I can't believe how fast that went! So.....Elder Berry and I are staying together for another one! I am so excited about that! We have been working really hard to build up this area and we have a lot of potential right now! We are doing great!

So first thing to talk about. Greg. Greg is a stud! He is so cool! I can't believe how ready he is for baptism! He is getting more and more excited every day and is so ready to be a part of this church! He is already super active! More so than most of us members! On Sunday there were a few other investigators there and Greg went up to each of them and started to fellowship them!! It was so cool! He talked to them about their problems and told them how he finds answers to the scriptures! He also introduced himself to the wife of our Bishop as "Hi I'm Greg and I will be a member really soon." It was so cool! We love teaching him!

 We had a really cool experience this week as the entire mission had another exchange day. Every missionary in the mission was on an exchange that day! I was with Elder Purcell from American Samoa and we had a great day! Among the cool things that we did that day we had a really cool finding miracle! We had about half hour of free time before our dinner and decided that we should just go knock the street that our dinner was on! We did and on the second house we ran into a guy that was YSA and was interested! His name is Julian and he recently finished his 3rd tour as a marine. He accepted a Book of Mormon and said he would be really interested to learn more! It was awesome!

 One of the coolest things about this week was MLC! This month we had the leadership meeting on the top of Mount Lemon! That was so cool! It felt amazing up there being that it was 68 degrees and we were surrounded by actual trees! It was great! It was weird to have an all-day meeting like that while I was sitting on a log! It was great! There was a really interesting thing that happened with it being that there is no piano up on the Mountain! The assistants asked Elder Berry the afternoon before to bring up his guitar and play a few hymns. He was freaking out because he had to learn 3 new songs and perform them by the next day and we still had a busy day planned! Ha-ha I don't know how it happened but he asked me to play with him so he wouldn't be up there alone! I haven't played guitar for a long time but I agreed and borrowed one from another Elder so we could do it! It actually turned out pretty well! I messed one of the songs up a lot being that I kept getting lost but the other was great! It was really cool!

 We had a really cool YSA activity this week that all the YSA missionaries in Tucson put together. We had a night of sports, food, and a spiritual message! It was great! We had some of the missionaries give a brief message and showed a Mormon message and then President and Sister Killpack shared their testimonies and we opened it up for everyone! Following we had lots of sports and food and everything! It was super fun!

 That would be it for this one! Love you all!

 Elder Banner!


We also had a zone brunch yesterday and Elder Berry and I provided the food. We cooked 32 super stuffed and great breakfast burritos! It took forever but they turned out really good!

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