Friday, August 2, 2013

July 29th, 2013

Oh it was a crazy week! We had a super good week! But we have been super busy today (we were actually teaching alot today) so this will be super short! Sorry!
We went on another crazy hike this morning! It was super long and it was super fun! We went up and saw some waterfalls (this only happens for about a month every year) and it was great! We went up with lots of people from our ward and our investigator Greg even came with us and had a great time!
I went on an exchange this week into one of the hardest area's in the mission and I was super happy that I am where I am! It was a good one though. I was able to help the missionary to organize his area book and get them a list of people that they can see made so I hope they can get going soon!
We found a new investigator this week! His name is Alec and he is solid! He has been prepared and even taught some of the lessons! We still have some things that we need to help him through and it will be hard but it will be great! We are excited!
We had a really cool experience this Sunday with a movie night! We went over to a member in our bishopric's house and watched "Finding Faith in Christ"! It was a missionary experience so the goal was to invite people that it would help out so we had Greg there and 2 less actives and 2 recent converts! We watched the movie which is always great and then we had a brief testimony meeting. Us 4 missionaries started it and then opened it for everyone and Greg was the first person to speak! It was great! Also one of each of the recent converts and less actives shared and it was super spiritual!
Greg is doing great! He is on fire! We are so excited to keep meeting with him!
That will be all for now!
Love you all!
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