Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 22nd, 2013

It is interesting that everything happens all at once or not at all. This is one of the weeks that I have too much to talk about. Even though it was a really slow week! It has been interesting to see how God tests our faith to see if we will give up or keep going. That is what happened with us! We had a really slow week! Lots of good experiences but a really slow week up until Saturday! I think we only taught around 5 lessons up till then! It was super slow! But it was good!

 We went on an exchange this week with Elder Evans and Elder Percell. It was a lot of fun as I was able to go with Elder Evans and work in their ward! We had some good lessons there and were able to do some service! We saw some crazy bugs and frogs and everything! We saw a lot of wildlife this week!
 We had our interviews with President Killpack this week! That is always fun! It is always great to go in and just talk to him! It is cool (and kind of sucks) that as I am getting closer to the end we talked more about the mission as a whole and all that I have been able to accomplish so far and who I have become! It was great! It always pumps me up! We also had another cool experience this week in our monthly meeting with the Stake President. This time we had the whole Stake Presidency and the HC over missionary work there and President Killpack came with us! It was fun to be on the same side of the table as him as we talked about the work in the area.
 We found a new guy named Greg. This is where the miracles after the trial of our faith came in. So Greg is 26 and investigated the church when he was sixteen but his parents wouldn't let him get baptized. Then he tried to investigate when he was at college but that didn't work out. And then he was walking in the park and saw the plan of Salvation drawn in chalk on the sidewalk. He got really excited and called the missionaries who did it and left their number. They had a lesson with him and then passed him to us! It was great! He is so ready! He wants to be baptized and knows a lot! We just need to work with him a little and everything will be great!
 We had a great lesson and opportunity also on Saturday with Nicole! Nicole is the girl that Elder Clark and I were able to teach up in Thatcher. She came down to Tucson to visit our friend Salina and they got our number from other missionaries and gave us a call! It was great to see them again and to have a lesson! It was definitely inspired! I loved it!
 The craziest experience this week was another new person we found to teach. His name is Chris (not the other two Chris’s that we have taught here, a NEW one!) and he is pretty sincere. Not too solid but we will see what happens. The crazy experience and the reason he isn't super solid is because his dad has a PHD in religious studies and is a PSYCHO! I have never met a more pessimistic and unhappy person who just loves offending people! He knows so much about all religions and is SO smart but he won't have faith in anything! Everything has to be proven to him and he also has some crazy ideas. He tried to shake our testimonies for a long time but we stayed strong and even were able to pray with them after and he said, "Wow that was a good prayer! Normally when people talk to me they can't pray after." Crazy! We will have to try and teach Chris away from home!
 Crazy week! Hope to have another!
 See ya, love ya, bye!
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