Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 9th, 2013

Crazy week right here!!

It was a really fun one! Being that Elder Berry is from Canada we celebrated Canada Day last Monday! Then we also had the 4th this week which was real fun!

So the craziest thing that happened this week was with Cornelius. We had a great week with him! We had some really cool lessons and we convinced him not to drink on the 4th. That was quite a challenge being that he wanted to for his buddies that were killed in the service and with his friends that died in the Arizona fire last week. But we did it! It was a great week and he progressed quickly! We were planning on baptizing him on Saturday and he asked me to be the one to baptize him! That was crazy! Ha-ha But God had different plans. Little back story....

Cornelius is from Colorado Springs and his daughter (15 months) lives up there. His roommate John is also from there. They were planning on moving back up there in about 2 weeks. But Saturday morning John's (the roommate) girlfriend in Colorado tried to commit suicide. She is 8 months pregnant with John’s daughter so it was a mess. John decided to move back as soon as he found out. The problem is that John is Cornelius' only ride up there and if he didn't go with John then he wouldn't be able to see his daughter or his family until next April or so. So it was a hard decision but he decided to move back. So they left a few hours before his baptism so it didn't happen.... Dang! But he is ready! He will probably be baptized up there in the next couple weeks but it was disappointing that it happened. But the weird thing is we knew it was going to. The whole morning (before he called) we felt like it wasn't going to happen and during the whole thing we were both really calm and knew that were supposed to happen. I don't know why but this is the plan. So ya! Fun stuff!
Chris is doing really well! We talked to him about fasting and he decided to fast for an answer this weekend! He did the full 24 hour fast and even was invited to and went to a wing place on Saturday night but stayed strong! He is awesome! Then at church we had some really powerful testimonies that were almost all from converts or less actives that have come back! It was sweet! Hopefully he got his answer! We will talk to him about it tomorrow.

It is Monsoon season again! I love it! It is so crazy to have so much rain all at once! When one comes moving through they are so intense that you can see the wall of water moving towards you! I am grateful that we have a car but that is also scary because the roads will go from dry as bone to overflowing over the curbs in around ten minutes! Crazy! That is when you pull in somewhere and wait! Better that then dying! Ha-ha The biggest problem is when it is over and gets up to 112 again it gets really humid! Ha-ha

We started teaching a man named Samuel this week. He is from Syria and we had a really good lesson with him.

We also had MLC this week! Super fun! I love it! And this time I didn't have to drive all day to have it! We live just up the street!

That is a few of the crazy things that happened this week! Elder Berry and I are having a blast and working like crazy!

Love you all!
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