Friday, September 6, 2013

August 19th, 2013

Hello Everyone! I can't believe it is Monday already! Wow!

 It was a really good week! We were able to have some good lessons with Greg getting him ready for his baptism! We had a funny experience with him this week, he told us that he had a problem he wanted to talk to us about and I thought. Oh great! This has been so easy here will be the problem! Then he said, "I just don't feel like I serve enough! I want to be more involved with helping people and serving them!" That is not even close to anything we were expecting that we started to laugh! It was awesome! That is a concern that we can readily fix! Ha-ha

We also had a really cool lesson with Alec on Thursday and then he came to a baptism on Saturday and then we had another cool one with him on Sunday! It was great! He has a baptismal date now and is working towards it! Way fun! I love it! We also had a really cool lesson with the Tucson Zone Leaders (the ones on U of A) and a guy named Ricky! It was a sweet lesson about the Plan of Salvation and the Spirit was super strong! Ricky even recognized the Spirit! It was sweet! Sadly a few days after the lesson he told us that he is not ready for the lessons right now. Dang. But we'll keep praying for him!
We also had Zone Conference this week! It was great! I love those meetings, even though they are long! They are so cool!  We also had a bunch of other meetings this week including our monthly meeting with the Stake President and the High Councilman over missionary work! It was way cool! Things are going really good in our zone so they were super excited!

We also spoke in church yesterday and then taught the gospel principles lesson - all without knowing we were going to! It was great! That is the type of thing you need to get used to while being a missionary! But I love it!

Here is a portion of an email I got today from one of my recent converts! This is one of the coolest things that I have read in a long time! (Names have been changed!)

"But anyways, I moved back Tuesday and felt the urge to stop at the temple on my way in... so I did and I ended up staying there for two hours reading my scriptures. It was great. And I don't know if it's weird but every time I'm at the temple I just always want to touch it but I never really did before until Tuesday. Once I did though, I started crying. It's so crazy to think that that’s the closest we can get to God from here, I'm a huge baby now ha-ha. I love and temple and so thankful it's so close.

Sooooo, I made a goal. I want to a least get one person baptized my last year here at Eastern. I know my friend Sally, the one I’m rooming with, feel something or is at least a tad bit interested when we talk about it. She hangs out with all of us, all Mormons, and she just asks all kinds of questions even if it's just me and her. It's awesome. Me, Stefanie, Stefanie's cousin, and Sally were at Joes house telling creepy ghost stories we've all had encountered and then Joe had the bright idea to go to some haunted places and some creepy cemetery. The cool thing about it though was as we were leaving and Candice said a comment like "This isn't fair you're all Mormon; just make sure you guys surround me." I don't know why but that comment just stuck with Joe, Stefanie and I, it was a pretty awesome thing to hear... she has to feel something!! Ha-ha. Also, we went to cluff ponds and for some reason I felt like I should stay a little longer than the others... probably cause I had an uneven tan line that I wanted to fix ha-ha, but anyways I'm so glad I did, because there were these guys who were all drinking and me and Stefanie were just chillin in the sun and the guys kept talking to us. One guy asked if I would play beer pong with him so I said "I don't drink but I'll play for fun" and then Stefanie ended up playing too, but then religion came up and we found out that they were LDS. Me and Stefanie are determined member missionaries so they gave us their numbers and the one guy I was partners with came home on his mission early and is trying to get better and hang around better influences so I told him he needed to come hangout with us and he said he really wanted to. So I'm either baptizing Sally or helping this guy get back up on his feet...or both ha-ha. Sorry that was a long story. But it feels GREAT being back."
That is the point! Once you have truly been converted and changed by the gospel and the Atonement you CANNOT be content to just keep it to yourself!

Things are going well here! I am so tired all the time it is insane! I am super tired today so I apologize that this is short!

Love you all!

Elder Banner

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