Friday, September 6, 2013

September 3rd, 2013

Hello everyone! Happy Labor Day!

 It was a super crazy and intense week! I will try to cover some of the big things but I have a lot to talk about! 

We had some interesting experiences with pigs this week! Ha-ha Elder Berry and I came across a large group of javilias in an apartment complex the other night! We got some videos and pics but they aren't great because it was so dark! But it was fun! We were dumb and got way closer then we should have but it we are still alive and unhurt so we are fine!  The other experience we had was also super interesting being that we were able to help doctor up a hurt pig. This one was a domestic pig that weighed above 350 pounds! It had gotten out of its pen and a bulldog had gotten it and bit both of its ears really bad! They were gross! They had become infected and both filled with blood and puss so much that they were bigger around then my fist! We had to clean up/out the ears, drain the blood, and give it some anti-biotic. Our job was to keep it from moving! It was a really gross experience to wrestle a pig in its own filth and then to pin it down and hold it while all of that was happening but it was fun as well! They still might have to cut the ears off because they were so damaged!

But for a better thing to talk about! We have a new Ward Mission Leader! It is Lars Jensen and he is awesome! I am super excited to have him as WML! We had some really cool and fun experiences in teaching members this week! We had some cool lessons that were perfect for the people we were teaching which really helped strengthen my testimony as well! We had one specifically that wasn't actually for the person that we were teaching but ended up being for the person we brought to help. After the lesson they said, "I just want you to know that I have been struggling with that and I think that lesson was actually for me!" It was way cool! We had another cool experience like that which involved a blessing! We were asked to give someone a blessing because she had hurt her back really bad and needed some help. We went and gave the blessing (which is always a cool experience) and it was a good one! After we left it became more cool because she texted us and let us know that, up to that point, she really didn't believe that blessings worked or were inspired. But because the blessing addressed things that she had been praying about two days before and also because it had quoted part of her Patriarchal blessing she now has a strong testimony that blessings are real, effective, and inspired! It was way cool!

We also went on another exchange this week and I went with a missionary that has been out for about a month. I wish that I was as prepared as some of these missionaries that are now coming out! They know the lessons and they want to teach and add their testimony! It was really cool! We also had MLC again this week which was fantastic! That is still my favorite of all the mission meetings! It was fun to talk about how well the mission is doing! The Lord is truly hastening His work! I love it!

Alec is doing well! He passed his baptismal interview this week and I am super excited for him! I hope that he will stay strong and go through with it! He also really surprised us this week in church! For Elders Quorum we were talking about music and hymns so the EQP asked some people to share their favorite hymn and bear testimony about the words and then we sang it as a quorum! It was really cool! At the end he asked if there was anyone he had forgotten that he asked. When there wasn't he was about to move on but then Alec raised his hand and asked if he could share one! He stood up and bore his testimony on having modern prophets and what it means for each of us! It was sweet! The hymn he chose was "We Thank Thee O God, For a Prophet".

We, for Labor Day yesterday, were able to get a deal and go up to the Biosphere with our zone! It was super cool to go there and to see all the different places that they have in there! My favorite was a rain forest room because there was so much green and fresh air! It was fantastic!

That is going to have to conclude this week’s report! Love you all!

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Hey family! I am so glad to hear that everything is going good with school! I have had you all in my prayers a lot this week! Thanks for all you do for me with school and everything! I will be home on the 11th of December.....which is way too close! I saw some Halloween decorations in the store yesterday and it freaked me out! I will probably land sometime in the morning! So ya! I love you all!


(I added the red, bold, italic and underline to when Josh is coming home!! It's not to close for me:)  Liz)

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