Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 9th, 2013

This was a crazy week! This week we had tons of things land on the week that took most of our time and didn't allow us to teach very much but we had a great week!

We had our Zone Meeting this week! And it went really good! It was interesting being that our zone was exactly the same as the last time that we did it! That enabled us to really expand upon the last one and really get into it!  It went really well and we heard some good things from the missionary’s afterwords! I really like those meeting even though it is a long one for us! Right after the meeting we went on exchanges so I was with Elder Smith in a bike area! It is times like that when I realized how out of shape I am! It is crazy! But it was really fun and I really enjoyed it!

We had a fun dinner at Bishop Clark's house this week that was a really interesting experience because we had a run in with a rattlesnake on his porch! It was funny because all 5 of us missionaries walked out the door and kept walking and then Bishop came behind and saw it after all of us had passed it! We didn't even realize it was there! We got a few pictures and then Bishop took care of it! It was funny that none of us even noticed! 

The coolest part of this week was that we were able to go to temple on Friday!!! That was a super cool experience! I was able to drive the transfer van up and it was a really fun ride with our zone! Then we got to the temple and there we were able to see Nicole and Salena at the temple which was fantastic! Then we went in and had the session! It was such a cool experience! I learned so much this time! It was a really weird experience for me being that this was probably the last time I will be able to go to the temple as a missionary! That made it really weird! I took a different approach with the questions that I want answered and asked what do I need to do or become before my mission is over. I was able to get some really cool revelation that, among other things, told me that I am on track! That was a cool feeling to know that I am where I need to be and I just need to keep going! It was great! I always love the temple! It really is the greatest place on the Earth! The peace there is incredible! I had another cool experience while I was in the Celestial room and feeling absolute peace! I realized that I had been in there for a while and should go out and join all the missionaries and I had the thought, "Time to go back out to the war." and right when I thought that I heard some thunder from outside! It was crazy! Ha-ha Probably doesn't seem cool for any of you but I thought it was awesome!

We also had the cool opportunity to go up on Mount Lemon for the regional YSA activity on Saturday! It was super fun and it was cool because I was able to go up last year! We also had the opportunity to go and listen to the CES Devotional last night from Elder Nelsen! It was a great talk! One of the best I have heard for Youth! I would highly suggest reading it!

The other thing I should write about it Alec! Alec is awesome! He is really excited for his baptism this Saturday! And we are super excited for him as well! Hopefully this one goes through! 4th time is the charm right? Ha-ha But it will be a wonderful experience! 

That is about it for this one!

Love all of You!

Elder Banner

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