Sunday, October 6, 2013

September 17th, 2013

Hello everyone! This is going to be a really spastic email! I am going to be all over the place because that is how this week was!

 So the reason this one was so weird and crazy is that, last Monday, Elder Berry was asked to be the new Assistant to the President! (He is still freaking out about it!) I am excited for him and he will do great! I am going to really miss being his comp though! But being that they had to do transfers and a lot of other stuff I was left alone a lot this week! I should clarify, I was never alone I was just handed off to different companionships this week! But it was a lot of fun!

 The big news this week is Alec was baptized!!!! It was great! It was a wonderful experience and I loved it! And more importantly he did as well! There were quite a few funny/different things that happened during it. Including a few people on the program not being able to come which made it feel a little thrown together! But it was great! Alec had asked me to baptize him which was a really good experience! But he being about 6' 3" and a lot bigger than me made it a little difficult! Also the font wasn't completely full, he doesn't like being under water and he had thrown his back out earlier that day at work! All of that came together to make it a very humorous baptism! But we got him dunked! Even though it had to be done twice and I had to basically bench press him to the very bottom! We both looked like we had been baptized at the end! It was great! I will send pictures next week! I forgot my cord with transfers!

Speaking of that my new companion is Elder Blyel!! He is a stud! He is from Virginia, been out about a year and been serving Spanish his whole mission. I was told by Elder Berry that he is one of, if not the, best teacher in the mission! I am excited about that! He is also 6' 5" which makes me have quite the lineup of companions! I am excited to be with him! We also moved apartments and we are now living with the Stake President, President Polley and his family so that will be fun! 

 I was also able to do a really cool baptism interview this week with an 87 year old woman! It was way cool and she is super ready for it! She wants it more than anything and I am excited to see her get baptized soon!

We had a really cool experience last night with a lady in Elder Johnson and Elder Teicherts ward! I spent a lot of time with the two of them this week! This lady is a recent convert that is having a lot of problems! We were asked to have a family night with them and share a message. When this lady walked in she looked down! She looked super tired and depressed and just unhappy. It was sad. But we had a cool lesson with her and I was able to share some scriptures with her that really struck her! You could see her countenance change and her really get the message form the Spirit! Her whole body language changed and she became excited and really involved in the lesson! It was such a cool experience!

That will be it for this one!

Love you all!

Elder Banner

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