Sunday, October 6, 2013

September 23rd, 2013

Hello everyone! Once again another week come and gone! I can't believe it!

 So lots happened this week! But I never have enough time to email! I'm sorry!

 So one of the main things, I don't know if I spoke about this last week but we are now living with the North Stake President and his family! I love the Polley's! They are a wonderful family and it is really interesting to be living in a home again! I am super used to apt. complexes! So this week we have been getting used to living there! It is a lot of an adjustment but we love it! It is fun to be with them!

 So Elder Bleyl and I had a crazy week with lots of great experiences which has helped us to already be teaching together well and doing great! Elder Bleyl is from Richmond VA, and has a very active family! His sister was serving her mission in the Salt Lake City Temple Square mission and just got home a few months before he left. He has done a year at BYU and is super smart. Also he is way athletic so that is fun! I love him! He is a way better missionary then I am even though he has only been out a year! It is great! He is the most diligent missionary that I have ever met which helps me out a lot! I am super happy to be companions with him! He is going to help me out a lot here at the end!

We had some cool experiences with finding some new people to teach this week. We had a recent convert move into the ward a few weeks ago and we were finally able to have a lesson with him this week. And guess what, he brought his best friend! So we had a lesson with both of them and then asked his friend Chris if he would be interested in taking the lessons! He is and we are super excited to keep meeting with him! Also we were at dollar lunch down at the institute this week and there was a guy there that we were told is not a member but lives in our area. So we went up to him and somehow ended up going into another room and having a lesson with him right there! It was way cool! We will be meeting with both of them later this week!

We also had some cool experiences giving blessings this week! One of them was to an investigator of some sisters in our zone! She went into the doctor to have a spinal tap and they messed she is in a lot of pain! So we were able to go and give her a blessing! It was a super cool experience as she visibly changed during the blessing and was able to go to sleep right after! She is doing a lot better and was able to go to church yesterday! It was great!

That will be it for this one though!

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