Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 19th, 2013

New pictures below......:)

This week was one of the best of my entire mission! There was so much and so many miracles that happened and I am only going to be able to touch on a few of them!

The first one is a cool experience we had with our investigators Dede and Lexi. The Elders have been working with them and their family for a while now. They have been talking about baptism for a long time but they were nervous about it and didn't know what to expect. Well this Saturday we were able to arrange for them to come and see a baptism. It was a cool experience! They were sitting by us and super attentive and excited the whole time and when they saw the other girl comes up out of the water they got even more excited! Afterword’s we were talking with them and we asked them what they thought and they both said the same thing. "That girl had the biggest smile when we she came up out of the water! She looked so happy! I want that! When can we get baptized?" It was super cool! They are so gung-ho about it now it is wonderful! They will be baptized on the 30th and we are looking forward to that!

We had a cool lesson with Laurene this week! She is doing super well, she had read through 1 Nephi 13 in a week and I am excited to see where she is at this Tuesday when we meet with her! The lesson last week was cool! She feels that the Book of Mormon is true! She feels that this is where she needs to be! There are some problems in her family life that need to be worked out before she can really start progressing but she is great! She had talked with our Bishop and he told us that she already considers herself a Mormon!

One of the cool things this week is we were able to have 7 investigators come to church on Sunday!! That is so cool! Most of the time 2 or 3 is a real good week! And what a week to come! Karli Lewis gave her farewell talk and did a very good job! It was a good meeting!

One of the other really cool experiences was on Friday. The ASL Branch had their annual Thanksgiving dinner activity. Because I am in the area they asked if Elder Simpson and I could come to that I could help out and talk with more people! I got a welcome that I was not expecting at all! They were all so happy to see me again! There were lots of them that came up and hugged me and were happy to see us. We helped set up and then we started having the dinner! It was super good as it always is and we were enjoying ourselves. Then they had the Spiritual message part, well Elder Stevenson decided to spring that on me! Ha-ha So I was able to go up and share my testimony and tie Thanksgiving into the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It was actually really good! I loved being back there! I love that little branch and it is a huge tender mercy from the Lord letting me finish my mission so close to where I started and spent so much time! 

The other thing I should mention is an exchange I had this week. I was able to go work with Elder Hales who is actually a Lancer and even better, is from my same stake! It was super fun! We were able to have a really cool day and we had some really cool finding miracles that day. It was also fun just to talk to someone I knew and knew all of the same people! It was fun!

Well that will be it for this one! See all ya'll way too soon! Ha-ha

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