Sunday, November 3, 2013

October 14th, 2013

Hello Everyone! 

We had a really late start today so this email will be shorter. The reason being is that we had a zone hike today! It was super fun! We got up really early and did that. We went to Romero pools and had a really good time up there! There was even still some water coming down from the Mountain! That was super fun! I really enjoyed going as the entire zone went! That is a first for an activity like that! I will hopefully send pictures sometime soon! 

One of the big things this week was our zone training! Once a month Elder Bleyl and I train for a few hours. This one went really well! We focused on setting baptismal dates among other things and the best part is that they applied it! We received two texts that night saying that they had lessons just like they practiced and were able to set baptismal dates!!! It was super cool as one of the area's has not had a baptismal date in a very long time! It is always good when you can see someone apply what you taught and see them succeed!

We also had a really fun YSA activity this weekend! We had a dinner and a devotional and then a "tournament of Champions" sports tournament! It was super fun! Dinner was good and I was able to interpret for the devotional! Reggie showed up and gave me the opportunity to practice! I realized that I am rusty and need to practice! It is hard finding opportunities to sign but it is great! We were then in charge of the water balloon volleyball! It was super cold (70 degrees) so it made it that much more fun! All in all the activity went really well and we had some people show up that I was super happy to have there! We are struggling to find some people to teach so any prayers and faith would be greatly appreciated!

Well that is it for now!

Love y'all!

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