Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 4th 2013

Hey everyone! Another week come and gone already? I can't believe it! I can't believe that I have already been here for that long!

 It was a really good week! I am going to start out with the best part of the week! We had a baptism on Saturday!!! Michael Woodcock was baptized and it was a great experience! It was cool to walk into that one! Michael is twelve and has had a super tough life! He is still a super nice and sweet kid and super sincere! It was such a fun experience! He asked me to speak on the Gift of the Holy Ghost so that was fun as well! Then Elder Simpson baptized him and it was a super cool experience! I asked him how he felt after and what he kept saying was "The Best! The Best!" It was great! That was probably the best birthday present I could have gotten! Ha-ha it was great!

 Saturday was a super good day! Elder Simpson was nice enough to take me out to Texas Roadhouse! That was fun! We had a good group of missionaries come with us and it was super good! We then were able to go and have some fun lessons with Israel and his two boys, Brother Long, Mack, and Tony. And then the Poole family had us for dinner and had brownies and cupcakes for us. Then we went to the Baptism and it was awesome! Then we went over to the Hebert's and they had steak and cake for us as well! It was a wonderful day! The people here are the best and they really are taking care of me!

Halloween was a great day! We got home at 7, which was our curfew that night; we finished up all our calls and everything and were able to get to bed around 10! It was great! Ha-ha
Things in this area are going great! I love it! Elder Simpson is a stud and I love being his companion! We get along great and teach pretty well together already! We have a lot of people we are working with and some great families to teach! This is really weird being in a family ward but this is the best one to be in! We are really enjoying it!

 That is it for this one! Love Ya!

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