Sunday, November 3, 2013

October 29th, 2013

Hello everyone! 

So the big news for this week....I was transferred!!! Ya for the last one! It is pretty crazy but I am so excited! This will be a good area and we will have a lot of fun! With transfers is always some wonderful changes and some really sad changes! I am really sad to leave North Tucson and YSA 1st ward! I love that ward and that area and the people that are there! I am sad to leave Elder Bleyl after only one transfer, I was sure he was going to be my last companion! But he will do really well up there in North! 

I am now in the Palo Verde ward back in the East Tucson Stake! I am excited to be here! My companion is Elder Simpson who is already one of my really good friends so I am really happy about that! We are going to tear it up here and Elder Simpson is going to keep me going strong!
I had an interesting learning experience that came from this transfer that again affirmed to my mind that God knows each of us and knows what we need better then ourselves! A while ago Elder Berry told me that it was mostly up to me to decide whither to stay in YSA 1st ward or to go back to the Deaf branch for my last one. I really wanted to do whatever would be best so I made that a matter of serious and sincere prayer and fasting. I received my answer during conference and it was great! I came up with 5 or so reasons why I should stay in the YSA ward. I told all of these to President Killpack and let him know what I was thinking! Then a few weeks past and I got the call that I was heading to East Tucson on Sunday. Originally I was a little confused, I was excited but I had thought that I had received a answer to stay in the North and I thought I would. I was pondering on that while we were driving and I had a cool experience where my understanding was expounded and I realized that each of the reasons I wanted to stay in North are going to be fulfilled by coming here to East Tucson! Every single one! That is super cool and really showed me that God knows me really well! He knows what I need better then I do and He will prepare a way for it! Also there are many other things that will be improved by me being here. This is a great opportunity to finish in, about as close as I can get, to where I started but I can finish right! Before when I was in the East stake I was not a great missionary, now I am better and will be able to do some good work and be really successful here! I am excited for this change and ready to hit the ground running!

That is about all that I have time for!
Love you all!

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