Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25th, 2013

Hello again everyone! It was another good week here in Tucson. The weather this week has been freezing! It rained for a few days which is abnormal and the temperature during the day was around 50 so we were all freezing! This email will probably be short because my fingers are too cold to type haha  
But it was a great week! We had a good experience this week being that Elder Paul V. Johnson of the seventy came and toured our mission! It was super cool! He came and we had two big half-mission conferences which he was the key speaker! It was super fun! It was really cool to hear him speak and to notice the way in which he taught. He spoke a lot in stories, parables, and analogies. It was really cool because everyone was able to learn what they needed to know in their own way. He was able to give me some good advice about making the transition home without really saying it! I love learning when the spirit is there so that those impressions can come. It was also cool to see all of the missionaries that I have become friends with again!
After we had the half-mission conference we had a MLC with Elder Johnson. That was even more cool because we were able to be in a pretty small group with him and just have a discussion! It was really neat! He was able to teach us some stuff there that I really wish I had understood at the beginning of my mission but it is ok because now I get to teach the rest of the zone and hopefully they can use it for the rest of their missions. It is not all bad learning all this at the end! It helps me to better understand the gospel which is the whole point! haha
It was a good and pretty normal week other then that! The Miller girls are doing great and are super excited for their baptism this week. We are happy to see them doing so well! We were able to have some very good experiences and lessons this week with Israel and his family and they are doing great and moving towards baptism as well. They will be awhile though. We have been very blessed with tons of people to teach! It is great to be a missionary and I love it! The Gospel is true! I hope you all have a fun Thanksgiving!
Love you!
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One more to go......

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